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10 Popular Home Furniture Trends You'll See This Year

We’re only partway through 2024, and the year continues to offer stylistic surprises in furniture and interior decorating. It’s always a good idea to look to the future, so here are 10 popular home furniture trends you’ll see this year. You can expect a few twists, turns, and new ideas in home furnishings, so buckle up and enjoy the show.

1. Rattan Attack!

Rattan usually conjures images of tropically influenced chairs, couches, and other pieces from the 70s. But rattan applies to other things as well. Some designers see rattan returning by way of overhead lighting. Dangling lamps can deliver soft, filtered lighting and warm earth tones to any room but will look especially smashing in the bedroom and other places where the home’s inhabitants kick back and relax. Rattan has a natural appeal that can combine with so many other styles as well.

2. (Not So) Dangerous Curves

Sharp corners and angles are going away. In their place, soft curves are arising in furniture of all forms. Friendlier curves provide a more organic look to furniture and have a more inviting presence as well. As more people work and stay home, they’ll be looking for places where they can stretch out and experience exceeding coziness. Curves on sofas, chairs, tables, and more will make rooms less intimidating and more welcoming overall. Guests will look forward to coming over and hanging out in the friendly confines of your living room or front room.

3. Big Art

While there’s always something to say for a wall of handpicked art pieces, it can be tiring to choose a dozen or more works for a single wall. Since many homes are getting bigger, some designer publications are reintroducing large posters, murals, framed prints, and original art that cover a single wall. While a small room might feel a bit overwhelmed with a massive work of art, even then, proper placement can add character and aesthetic splendor to it. Picking an exciting and eye-catching piece that displays energetic form and vibrant color will liven up a room where multiple smaller pieces may get lost. Art shows, concert posters, and reproductions of gargantuan art will be among the best choices for going big with your art.

4. Quiet Luxury

Quiet luxury is a term that’s catching on. Imagine investing in fine pieces of furniture without overdoing it. A single luxurious piece will bring a subtle elegance to a room. It could be a silk fabric or leather couch and chair set. Show off a little without being too showy. You can combine this with another trend, creating a “micro-luxe” environment. A few lovely pieces and unadorned walls give off the impression of tastefulness without risking a fall into bad taste.

5. Up With Upholstery

Softness continues to quietly dominate in 2024. Decorators are seeing an uptick in the use of softer upholstery and flange welts. Velvet, silk, and cotton can provide comfort and coziness without looking too fusty. Traditionally richer fabrics are making way for new and natural performance blends that aren’t just comfortable but also easy to maintain. These aren’t your grandma’s couch cushions.

6. Tradition!

Sleek and futuristic layouts and furnishings are going away, and richer, homier styles and designs going back a hundred years or more are replacing them. Layered spaces, prints, darker colors, familiar patterns, and other elements are pushing aside big box store styles and ready-to-assemble furniture. Look for warmer collections of traditional furnishings that seem to say, “Home sweet home,” rather than cold and lifeless pieces.

7. The Test of Time

Everybody is more careful with their money these days. Consumers are looking for furniture that lasts longer and won’t come apart after a few years of use. That said, they want handcrafted pieces that employ techniques ensuring many years of usefulness. People are more concerned with sustainability as well and are looking for furniture with little to no impact on the ecosystem. Locally made, chemical-free, reclaimed wood, and forest-friendly furniture may cost a little more, but customers are willing to spend that money for a greener future. Think of some furnishings as investments as well. They can become family heirlooms that you hand down to the next generation.

8. The Woods Are Lovely, Dark, and Deep

Return to the forest in search of darker woods like walnut, mahogany, oak, and cherry. Decorators predict a continuation of the subtle luxury motif through darker and richer woods. Dining room tables and chairs will look especially choice when rendered in dark wood and have a long-lasting appeal that buries multiple flash-in-the-pan trends. There are plenty of buy now, pay later dining sets that fit the bill, so keep an eye out for them.

9. Decluttering

This is a trend that’s also a good piece of advice regardless of the year. Styles come and go, but tossing out the old and replacing it with the new—but not too much new—always makes good stylistic sense. You can deplete your homes of extraneous stuff and replace it with a few useful furnishings that do their job beautifully. Marie Kondo’s advice continues to resonate, and decorators and designers will always advise creating a space that brings joy.

10. Eclecticism

A little of this, a little of that, and a whole lot of style! Consumers will continue to seek to follow trends in furniture while imprinting their living spaces with their own personal stamp. Blending Japanese and Scandinavian styles, combining folksy cottagecore elements with modern pieces, and intersplicing the farmhouse aesthetic with more confrontational artistic statements will be the norm. A house is only a home when the people living there make it so and do things their own style!

Those are just 10 popular home furniture trends you’ll see this year. If you’re looking for interesting furnishings for your home in the coming year, we’re your best source for all sorts of styles. Contact us for a consultation so that we can review your needs and make suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you!