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Creating the Ultimate Living Room for Entertaining

A living room is for living, and nothing adds more life to a place than entertaining! Here are some tips on making your space great for hosting. Read more..
May 7, 2024

4 Tips for Decorating Your Home With Mirrors

If you're looking for a way to add some panache to any room in your house, do it with mirrors. Here are the best ways to decorate with them. Read more..
May 6, 2024

4 Signs Your Living Room Is Due for a Refresh

Is your living room looking more drab than fab? Maybe it needs a refresher. Here's how to tell when your living room needs an interior decorating boost. Read more..
May 5, 2024

5 Benefits of Using an Adjustable Mattress Base

If you want to upgrade your sleeping experience, an adjustable mattress base is a great first step. Set up your bed for optimal comfort and rest. Read more..
April 24, 2024

5 Ways To Make Your Dining Room Classier

A dining room should be a special place for fancy dinners with friends and family. Here are ways to make it a classier place where you can dine in style! Read more..
April 17, 2024

How To Choose a Décor Style for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be more than just the place where you sleep. It should express your character. Here's how to choose a décor style for your bedroom. Read more..
April 8, 2024

Why Good Furniture Is Worth Investing In

When you buy furniture, don't skimp on quality because of the price. Investing in furniture pays off over time for several reasons. We'll get into them here. Read more..
Mar 30, 2024

4 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Mattress

A mattress is a big investment that needs to last a very long time. Here's how to ensure it delivers years of use, comfort, and pleasant dreams. Read more..
Mar 19, 2024

5 Room Organization Options To Maximize Space and Style

When you have big ideas for your home but lack the space to see them all through, don't fret. Here are a few ideas for making the most of the space you have. Read more..
Mar 15, 2024

10 Popular Home Furniture Trends You'll See This Year

This year promises to be an eventful one, especially in the interior decorating world. Here are a few fearless furniture trends to watch for. Read more..
Mar 14, 2024

Turning Your Living Room Into a Comfortable Home Theater

Want to stay in for a movie night but need to make the prospect of watching the television more exciting? Consider turning your living room into a theater! Read more..
Mar 12, 2024

What To Look For When Buying Side Tables for Your Home

Your bedroom needs to be more than a place to sleep. Discover how to ensure it's a place where you can get away from it all while staying right at home! Read more..
Feb 26, 2024

4 Tips for Decorating a Small Apartment on a Budget

Your bedroom needs to be more than a place to sleep. Discover how to ensure it's a place where you can get away from it all while staying right at home! Read more..
Feb 23, 2024

9 Tips for Creating a Luxurious and Relaxing Bedroom Oasis

Your bedroom needs to be more than a place to sleep. Discover how to ensure it's a place where you can get away from it all while staying right at home! Read more..
Feb 22, 2024

Why Invest in a Quality Dining Set for Family Gatherings?

If you have the space for a dining room, don't waste it on just any dining set. Here's why you should splurge a little for an extra-nice set. Read more..
Feb 10, 2024

Choosing the Right Décor Accents for Your Living Room

You've picked out the perfect living room furniture. Now, you need to determine how to make it shine. Choosing the right décor accents is the best way to do so! Read more..
Feb 1, 2024

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Upholstery for Furniture

Want to learn more about upholstery? We have you covered. Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons of different types of upholstery for furniture. Read more..
Jan 29, 2024

Mattress Toppers vs. Mattress Pads: Which Is Right for You?

If you buy a new bed, you'll eventually need to think of what goes on top of it! But you need to figure out if mattress toppers or pads are right for you. Read more..
Jan 26, 2024

Ways To Clean and Maintain Your Dining Set for Longevity

Do you have a new dining room set in your home? With the proper care, your investment can bring elegance and quality design to your home for decades. Read more..
Dec 28 , 2023

Creating a Feng Shui Bedroom: Tips for a Peaceful Space

Whether you believe in the power of feng shui or simply prefer that everything be in harmony with its surroundings, here's a way to create a balanced bedroom. Read more..
Dec 15 , 2023

How To Choose the Best Sofa for Your Living Room

A couch is often the centerpiece of the living room. Pick the one that best serves your space and your family. Here's how to choose the best sofa for you. Read more..
Dec 14 , 2023

4 Tips for Making Your Home Office More Comfortable

Your home office is a place of business, but that doesn't mean it can't be cozy. Here are four tips for making your home office more comfortable. Read more..
Dec 11 , 2023

Why Buying a Quality Mattress Doesn't Have To Break the Bank

If you're looking for a mattress but don't want to break the bank or your back, here are several tips for finding one that's both affordable and comfortable. Read more..
Dec 8 , 2023

Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Dining Room

Discover creative, budget-friendly ideas for decorating your dining room. Explore gallery walls, statement light fixtures, and more fun options. Read more..
Nov 21 , 2023

The Pros and Cons of a Sectional Sofa in Your Home

Explore the pros and cons of sectional sofas for your home, including versatility, comfort, space efficiency, price, and size considerations. Read more..
Nov 13 , 2023

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Area Rug for Your Living Space

Area rugs can change the look and feel of your living space, so you must choose the best one. Learn the seven guiding steps of the decision process. Read more..
Nov 10 , 2023

Benefits of a Sleeper Sofa or Futon for Overnight Guests

There are many beneficial qualities of sleeper sofas and futons, such as saving space and dual-purpose functionality. Bring home this useful furniture today. Read more..
Nov 3 , 2023

Designing a Minimalist Bedroom: Tips and Inspiration

Discover how to design a minimalist bedroom with simple color palettes, multi-functional furniture, natural elements, and regular decluttering. Read more..
Oct 17 , 2023

The Benefits of a Reclining Chair for Your Living Room

Many people love relaxing in a reclining chair. Taking time to relax, lean your upper body back, and elevate your lower body has many health benefits. Read more..
Oct 5 , 2023

Creating a Cozy and Inviting Entryway with Décor

We often think of living spaces when we think of cozy spaces around our homes. However, transitionary areas such as entryways can also be cozy and inviting. Read more..
Sep 19, 2023

How To Choose the Right Mattress for Your Sleep Needs

The right mattress is a good investment that should last for years. Since mattresses last so long, you may worry about choosing the right one for your needs. Read more..
Sep 14, 2023

4 Ways To Make Your Home More Cozy for the Fall

Many will likely say that fall is their favorite season when asked. We encourage you to start now if you want to get your home ready for fall and make it cozy. Read more..
Sep 13, 2023

What To Consider When Creating a Rustic Chic Dining Room

Rustic chic is a unique home style that is growing in popularity. You can embrace this style in your entire home or start in your dining room. Read more..
Sep 12, 2023

5 Benefits of Having Functional Furniture

Furniture can look great but not function well. While we all want our homes to appear nice, choosing functional furniture is also important. Read more..
Sep 1, 2023

7 Sofa Styles That Look Great in Any Home

The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. Choosing the right style sofa will help your home look good and function well. Read more..
Aug 17, 2023

3 Common Misconceptions About Buying Furniture

Furniture is an investment for you and your home. We'll debunk three common misconceptions about buying furniture so you can make the best purchase. Read more..
Aug 16, 2023

5 Tips for Creating an Inviting Dining Room Space

Formal dining spaces can accidentally take on a stuffy, uninviting atmosphere. Learn some ways to create a beautiful, inviting dining room space. Read more..
July 31, 2023

5 Decorating Secrets All New Homeowners Should Know

New homeowners can feel overwhelmed with all the space they need to decorate. Luckily, you can try some decorating secrets from experienced homeowners. Read more..
July 28, 2023

How To Furnish an Open-Concept Living Space

Open-concept living spaces are popular in many houses and apartments. While the open space is nice, some people find it challenging to furnish. Read more..
July 11, 2023

4 Cleaning Tips To Make Your Microfiber Furniture Last

One of the major selling points of microfiber furniture is its stain resistance and durability. However, even these qualities don't make it invincible. Read more..
June 30, 2023

What Are the Best Mattresses for Dealing With Back Pain?

There are two ways to furnish your home: buying individual pieces or furniture sets. While both are good choices, there are several benefits to furniture sets. Read more..
June 20, 2023

The Benefits of Buying an Entire Furniture Set

There are two ways to furnish your home: buying individual pieces or furniture sets. While both are good choices, there are several benefits to furniture sets. Read more..
June 16, 2023

8 Tips for Choosing a Home Interior Design Style

Choosing an interior design style for your home can feel overwhelming. Stay focused and realistic during the decision process with these tips. Read more..
June 2, 2023

The 5 Most Popular Accent Chair Styles in 2023

Home design styles can change every season and every year. If you're looking to bring a trendy style into your home, try one of these popular accent chairs. Read more..
June 1, 2023

3 Reasons To Choose Leather Furniture Over Other Materials

When you go shopping for living room furniture, you see pieces in all types of materials. Leather is one of the best furniture materials available. Read more..
May 16, 2023

What Mattress Size Best Fits Your Needs?

Mattresses come in various standard sizes that the sleeper can pick from. When picking your mattress, consider which size is best for your needs. Read more..
May 15, 2023

The Complete Guide to Furnishing Your Dining Room

Your dining room is a versatile space in your home. You can do whatever you want with this space as long as you furnish it with the right pieces. Read more..
May 2, 2023

How the Right Furniture Can Help With Allergies

Living with allergies, especially during the spring, is difficult and frustrating. However, you can reduce allergens in your home with the right furniture. Read more..
May 1, 2023

5 Reasons Why Your Furniture Should Have Slipcovers

Slipcovers aren't just for your grandma's house anymore. New, stylish slipcover designs make them an excellent option for protecting your furniture. Read more..
April 17, 2023

Payment Options for Buying New Furniture

Buying new furniture is exciting until it's time to look at the price tag. Home essentials are expensive, but luckily, there are payment options. Read more..
A couple pay with credit card at the counter
April 7, 2023

Why It's Worth It To Splurge on a Mattress

When it comes to furnishing a home, you have to know when to save and when to splurge. Click here to learn why you should splurge on a mattress. Read more..
A white mattress with black line around the edge
April 3, 2023

5 Tips To Match Your Furniture With Your Flooring

If you already have wood flooring in your home, you may worry about finding wood furniture to match. These tips can help you match your pieces with the floor. Read more..
Blog Image with a Black Dining Room Table in a dining room
Mar 24, 2023

The Benefits of Choosing Solid Wood Furniture

There are many different materials to choose from when looking at furniture. Solid wood is one of the best options because of its many benefits. Read more..
A lady is touching the wooden table with her two hands
Mar 23, 2023

Tight Back vs. Loose Back Sofas: Which Is Best for You?

The sofa sets the tone for the aesthetic and comfort level in your living room. Compare tight back and loose back sofas to find what's best for you. Read more..
Blog Image with Grey Sofa and Green cushions
Mar 10, 2023

7 Popular Home Decorating Styles and Themes

While there are no rules for how to decorate your home, many people use certain styles and themes as inspiration. Learn about these styles and themes here. Read more..
In a Kitchen, Chairs and white island table
Mar 2, 2023

Debunking 5 Common Myths About Mattress Buying

Buying a mattress is an important part of creating a comfortable bedroom and home. However, there are some myths about the mattress buying process. Read more..
A man smiles sitting on the mattress in a mattress store
Mar 1, 2023

Essential Furniture Pieces for Every Bedroom

While every bedroom is different and tailored to provide your version of an oasis, there are some essential furniture pieces every bedroom needs. Read more..
A bedroom with bed   adjacent sofa
Feb 21, 2023

How To Properly Take Care of Your Mattress

Mattresses are an expensive purchase, which means you want your mattress to last as long as possible. Learn how to care for your mattress, so it lasts. Read more..
An image with a corner of the grey and white colored matterss
Feb 3, 2023

The Top Home Furniture Trends To Watch in 2023

As we get further into 2023, we can better see what interior design and home furniture trends are emerging. Learn more about these top trends now. Read more..
Blog Image with two sofas and a tea table
Feb 1, 2023

6 Reasons Why You Should Finance Your Home Furniture

While some people believe you should never finance a purchase, financing furniture has many benefits. Learn why you should finance furniture now. Read more..
a couple sitting reading a paper in new home
Jan 31, 2023

When Is It Time To Update Your Dining Room Table?

Dining room tables are a crucial part of any home. Deciding to update them is a difficult choice. Learn some signs that you need to update your table. Read more..
dining room and curtain behind
Jan 20, 2023

How To Take Care of Furniture Upholstery

You want your living room furniture to last as long as possible, which means taking good care of your upholstery. Learn some upholstery care tips now. Read more..
A man is repair sofa
Jan 19, 2023

3 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying New Furniture

Buying new furniture is exciting, but sometimes we make mistakes when caught up in that excitement. Learn about common mistakes to avoid now. Read more..
A long hair lady sitting in a sofa and feel the material
Jan 18, 2023

4 Bed Frame Styles To Complete Your Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom should be your oasis from the rest of the world. Choosing the right bed frame style helps make that oasis complete. Learn more now. Read more..
A bed with two light stands left and right in a large room
Jan 17, 2023

What Are the Main Types of Mattresses You Should Consider?

With so many mattresses on the market, you may find it difficult to pick the best one for your home. Learn about the main types to consider here. Read more..
Mattress with wavy design surface
Dec 21, 2022

4 Tips for Keeping Wood Furniture in Good Shape

Wood furniture makes a beautiful addition to your home, and to keep it in beautiful shape, you need to take good care of it. Here are some tips. Read more..
Showing A corner of wooden table
Dec 20, 2022

5 Tips for Creating a Cozy Living Room Space

Living rooms are the perfect places to gather with your loved ones during the holidays and at other times. Learn some tips for creating a cozy living room now. Read more..
Sofa set and fireplace in the middle of photo
Dec 9, 2022

How To Choose the Right Bed for Your Children

Our children need a comfortable space they can call their own now and while they grow. Help them find the right bed for the maximum comfort now. Read more..
 In a bedroom, two white drawers
Dec 7, 2022

Why Your Dining Room Is Essential to Your Home

Home designers and owners have split opinions over whether to keep a formal dining room. Dining rooms are essential to your home, though. Learn more now.
Read more..
A dining room with a black dining room table next to a large window.
Dec 5, 2022

The Benefits of Buying Furniture Instead of Renting

Many people consider renting furniture to avoid the large upfront cost of buying it. However, purchasing furniture has many benefits. Learn more now.
Read more..
a couple and two children are touching the bed together
Nov 23, 2022

5 Tips for Maximizing Space When Furnishing Your Home

Sometimes, it feels like your home never has enough room for everything you need, including furniture. Learn some tips for maximizing space while you furnish.

Read more..

Family Room and TV on the wall
Nov 22, 2022

The Importance of Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Child

Everyone needs a good night's sleep, especially little ones who are quickly growing up. Learn more about the importance of choosing the right mattress now.

Read more..

A couple and two children looking and walking in the mattress store
Nov 21, 2022

What Sofa Material Is Right for Your Lifestyle?

There are many different sofa materials you can choose from for your home. Some are better than others depending on your lifestyle. Learn more now.

Read more..

A blak leather sofa with two green cushions
Nov 4, 2022

4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dining Set

The right dining set can make your formal dining room or eat-in kitchen feel perfect. Learn how to choose the perfect dining set for your home here.

Read more..

A beige dining room table set with comfortable chairs
Oct 14, 2022

The Benefits of Financing Your New Furniture

Buying new furniture requires a lot of money. If you want new furniture without the hefty price tag, consider financing. Learn about financing benefits now.

Read more..

A lady explaining a couple on the photo
Oct 13, 2022

All You Need To Know About Caring for Leather Furniture

Leather furniture makes a beautiful addition to your home, but it also requires specific care in order to survive wear and tear. Learn about that care now.

Read more..

A image of cleaning leather with dry fabric rag
Oct 12, 2022

How a Comfortable Sleeping Space Can Improve
Your Sleep

Feeling comfortable in your bedroom can help you relax and sleep better. Learn more about how a comfortable sleep space can improve your sleep now.

Read more..

A white pillow and white blanket
Oct 3, 2022

How Much Seating Does Your Living Room Need?

Trying to pick out the right furniture is hard enough, but knowing exactly how much you need is an extra can of worms. Learn about seating needs now.

Read more..

In a large sunroom with sofa and tables
Sep 30, 2022

What Are the Benefits of an Adjustable Bed?

More and more people are investing in adjustable beds due to their many health, sleeping, and comfort benefits. Experience these benefits for yourself.

Read more..

A man is showing his wife his phone screen at the mattress store
Sep 29, 2022

A Guide for Choosing Kid-Friendly Furniture

Children are some of the best parts of our lives. But they're also some of the messiest parts of our lives. Learn how to choose kid-friendly furniture now.

Read more..

A couple and two children are sitting in the sofa and looking at the laptop computer together
Sep 28, 2022

5 Ways to Maintain Your Dining Room Furniture

Your dining room is probably your most used entertainment space, which means you want to keep it in good condition. Learn how to maintain the furniture now.

Read more..

A wooden table with iron frame and Chair
Sep 27, 2022

Furniture to Prioritize After Buying Your First New Home

Buying your first home means you'll need to furnish your new living space. Learn about the furniture pieces to prioritize buying once you have your key.

Read more..

kitchen room behind there is a sofa and tea table on the image
Sep 26, 2022

How To Affordably Furnish the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Bedrooms are the place where we can come to relax and unwind. If you want your guests to feel the same, you need to furnish your guest room well.

Read more..

In the bedroom, a orange pillow and green blanket on the bed
Sep 23, 2022

Furniture to Prioritize After Buying Your First New Home

Buying your first home means you'll need to furnish your new living space. Learn about the furniture pieces to prioritize buying once you have your key.

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white themed kitchen area and sofa in the front
Sep 5, 2022

How To Affordably Furnish the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Bedrooms are the place where we can come to relax and unwind. If you want your guests to feel the same, you need to furnish your guest room well.

Read more..

A small bedroom and neat bed and a night stand
Sep 1, 2022

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Furniture Shopping

Furniture shopping can quickly get overwhelming, and you can make mistakes, especially if you're doing it for the first time. Learn the mistakes to avoid now.

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a couple are interesting in a wooden table
Aug 23, 2022

3 Budget-Friendly Ways To Update Your Living Room

After a while, your living room can start looking outdated. Unfortunately, updating it can be expensive. Learn how to update your living room on a budget now.

Read more..

In a family room, sofa and book shelves behind
Aug 12, 2022

3 Tips for Mixing & Matching Bedroom Furniture on Credit

While some people love matching bedroom sets, others prefer to mix and match for a unique look. Learn mixing and matching tips for bedroom furniture now.

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two plans in the middle and sofa and tea shelves behind
Aug 10, 2022

Debunking 5 Myths About Furniture Financing

Furniture financing is an option that many people don't fully understand. Learn about furniture financing myths so that you can make an informed decision.

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a couple shopping sofa and a lady touching the sofa gently
Aug 6, 2022

How To Furnish Your First House on a Budget

Buying or renting a house for the first time is exciting. You suddenly have more space than ever before. Learn how to furnish that new space on a budget now.

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Sales sign in a leather chair
Aug 3, 2022

Buyer's Guide to Choosing & Financing Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary from the rest of the world. Learn how to choose the right furniture for your sanctuary and how to finance it now.

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Two night stands illuminate room
July 28, 2022

3 Tips for Shopping for Leather Furniture on Credit

Leather furniture makes a beautiful and durable addition to your living space, but you may not know what to look for. Learn some shopping tips now.

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A dar grey soft
July 28, 2022

Leather vs. Fabric: Choosing the Right Couch on Credit

Choosing between leather and fabric sofas for a home can be difficult unless you use this comparison of leather vs. fabric sofas to narrow down your options.

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a couple are finger point to the blue sofa
July 28, 2022

Memory Foam vs. Pillow-Top Mattress: Which Is Right for You?

Memory foam and pillow-top mattresses can both provide comfortable sleeping experiences. Learn which of these two is best for you and your sleep style now.

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Image with a hand pressing the mattress
July 8, 2022

4 Helpful Ways To Furnish Your Home on a Budget

Moving to a new place requires furniture, which you may not have and think you can't afford. Learn how to furnish your new home on a budget with these tips.

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A lady is reading price tag of sofa
June 28, 2022

5 Must-Have Bedroom Furniture Pieces on Credit

Your bedroom is your oasis from the rest of the world. Make it a comfortable, affordable oasis with these five pieces you can buy on credit at Grand Furniture.

Read more..

Wooden framed bedroom set and vanity and shelves
June 8, 2022

How To Choose the Right Mattress for You

Choosing the right mattress will help you sleep better at night and feel happier and healthier during the day. Learn how to choose the right one now

Read more..

Showing grey matterss
June 8, 2022

Should You Finance Your Mattress? What You Need To Consider

Many businesses offer financing options for large home purchases such as mattresses. Here's what to consider before taking or leaving that financing option.

Read more..

A lady is touching mattress with her two hands
June 3, 2022

5 Ways To Finance Your New Living Room Furniture

Buying new furniture can get expensive quickly, especially when you're trying to furnish an entire room. Learn ways to finance furniture now.

Read more..

In a family room, two sofas and TV on top of fireplace
June 2, 2022

Important Reasons Budgeting Is Key When Furnishing Your Home

Setting a budget is an important part of furnishing your home. Click to learn about why you need to set a budget when you start furnishing your home.

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A lady is looking at the mattresses on shelves
June 2, 2022

5 Ways To Design and Finance a More Inviting Dining Space

Dining spaces are a great place to gather for casual meals and special occasions. Learn how to design and finance an inviting dining space now.

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Modern Dining Room table a flower pot in the middle
May 18, 2022

How To Pick the Right Chairs on Credit for Your Dining Table

Dining room chairs can get expensive, especially when you're trying to buy a whole set all at once. Learn how to pick the right set on credit now.

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A lady is measuring the chair with a ruler
May 18, 2022

5 Tips and Tricks for Decorating Your Kid's Room on a Budget

Giving your kid's room a makeover is a lot easier than you might think! To help you get started, here are five tips and tricks for decorating your kid's room.

Read more..

A lady is painting the wall
May 2, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Living Room Furniture

After you purchase furniture for your home, you'll want to keep it in tip-top shape. Take a look at our ultimate guide to maintaining living room furniture.

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A tea cup fell and spilled the tea on the bed
April 15, 2022

5 Important Signs You Need a New Mattress ASAP

If you have trouble sleeping at night, it might be time for a new mattress. Look at these five important signs that you need a new mattress ASAP.

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On the bed, there are two pillows and a white a blaket
April 4, 2022

Buyer's Guide: The Dos and Don'ts of Furniture Financing

Furniture financing can seem complicated if you don't have the right information. Here is our buyer's guide with the dos and don'ts of furniture financing.

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contemporary chair
April 11, 2022

What To Consider When Choosing Dining Furniture on Credit

You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to dining furniture. Here's what to consider when choosing dining furniture on credit.

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A customer is touching a wooden tea table
March 22, 2022

5 Easy Tips for Decorating a Beautiful Bedroom on a Budget

Decorating your bedroom can be a lot of fun and shouldn't strain your wallet. Learn these five easy tips for decorating a beautiful bedroom on a budget.

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A bed with a leaves designed blanket
March 18, 2022

4 Benefits of Financing Your New Furniture

Financing your furniture is easier than you might think, and it provides many great benefits. Check out the top four benefits of financing your new furniture.

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A bright room with sofa with many cushions and two tea tables
March 1, 2022