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3 Common Misconceptions About Buying Furniture

People buy furniture for different reasons; some are buying for their first apartment or home, while others want to spruce up a well-loved space. You may be in one of these categories or something else entirely. Regardless of why you’re buying furniture, you need to start the shopping experience with the right mindset. We’ll debunk three common misconceptions about buying furniture so you get the best pieces for your space.

You Should Focus on the Furniture, Not the Room

A room is a blank canvas, and furniture is the art that fills it. However, people don’t only look at furniture. When you, other members of your household, or guests enter a room, they’ll take it all in. This debunks the myth that you should only focus on the furniture, not the room it’s in. While eyes may go to the new sofa or bedframe, other areas eventually become apparent, such as wall colors and light fixtures. After you find furniture you love, try to update other areas of the room so everything blends well.

Furniture Should Always Match

Furniture sets are popular among many consumers, and they perpetuate the misconception that furniture should always match. If you want your furniture pieces to match, then you can buy a set. However, you’re not wrong or committing a design error if you don’t want matching pieces. Find furniture you love, and connect them with a common element, such as wood in different colors with the same grain.

Good-Quality Furniture Is Always Expensive

Many people believe good furniture is always expensive and that expensive furniture is always good. This is especially prevalent in mattress shopping. However, it isn’t true. Good furniture comes at various prices, and expensive furniture isn’t always the best quality. If you find good furniture you love at a price you can’t afford, ask about financing options. Everyone has a different budget, and furniture stores like Grand Furniture can make your favorite pieces affordable.

Don’t believe these three common misconceptions about buying furniture. The furniture you buy isn’t the only part of the room it’s in. Your design choices are valid, even if the pieces don’t match. You can find good furniture in your budget or make it work for your budget. We offer mattresses you pay for monthly so you can get a good mattress at a great price. Ask us about financing offers on other furniture pieces so we can blow other shopping misconceptions out of the water for you.