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4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dining Set

Whether you have an eat-in kitchen or a formal dining room, you’ll need a dining set. The right table and chair set will make your eating area feel comfortable and set the stage for casual family meals and formal hosted events. Choosing the right set can be tricky, though. Keep reading to get our four tips for choosing the perfect dining set so you can choose the right furniture for your home.

Budget First

Many people make the mistake of falling in love with furniture sets before they consider the price. The perfect dining set won’t just be perfect for your home; it’ll also be perfect for your budget. Set the budget at the beginning of your search so you can stay focused on getting the set that’s perfect for you and not get distracted by sets out of your price range. Also, try to pay attention to sales and financing options that will help you get the pieces you want within your budget.

Don’t Forget to Measure

If you’ve read some of our other blogs, you know that we greatly stress the importance of measurements. Measuring before you start shopping, so you’ll know what will fit in your space, is crucial. That’s why we keep bringing it up. Carefully measure your dining room table to know how much space you’ll have for the tables and chairs and measure the pathway the furniture will take to get in there. Even if you plan to construct the furniture in the dining room, the boxes will still have to fit through the doorway, so it’s also a good idea to know its dimensions.

Choose the Right Shape

When you measure your dining room, you’ll learn whether it’s more square or rectangular. While these rooms don’t feel very different when you’re standing in them, they do influence whether round or square tables will look and function better. Square and circular tables look best in square rooms, while rectangular and oval tables look best in rectangular rooms. Keep those rules in mind as you search for the perfect dining set.

Consider Room Aesthetics

Buying furniture is the last step of the moving or decorating process, which means the kitchen or dining room you’re placing this dining set in already has a specific aesthetic. While mixing and matching aesthetics can look good when done tastefully, make sure you consider the room’s aesthetics as you buy your furniture. Unless you’ve already woven multiple aesthetics into your design, a dining set that clashes with your room will only look misplaced and even make you feel uncomfortable.

Our four tips for choosing the perfect dining set are to budget first, remember to measure, choose the right shaped table, and consider the room aesthetics. If that first tip worries you, Grand Furniture can help. We offer dining sets on finance so you can get the furniture you need at a price you can afford.