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5 Benefits of Using an Adjustable Mattress Base

You can’t beat a good night’s sleep, but it’s sometimes hard to achieve. Getting an adjustable bed frame is a great first step toward arranging for a full night of uninterrupted rest. It’ll allow you to alter the positioning of your mattress to provide greater or less support anywhere. But that’s just the beginning. Here are five benefits of using an adjustable mattress base.

Improves Circulation

Even when you’re lying down and resting, your body is still working. Your heart keeps pumping blood to every part of your frame, from your head to your toes. Help your circulation with an adjustable bed frame. Set up the lower part of the frame and mattress to elevate your legs. This can prevent leg swelling and provide relief if you’re experiencing edema, a heart condition, or other health issues. Naturally, this aids in getting a full seven to eight hours of sleep.

Decreases Pain

Sometimes the way you sleep can cause pain, swelling, and discomfort. You can lessen back pain and other kinds of pain by adjusting the mattress to relieve pressure and put you into a more comfortable position. Support your spine, shoulders, legs, and other body parts by adjusting the curves and bends of your mattress.

Supports Smooth Breathing

Positioning the mattress base to elevate your head relieves pressure on your chest. That can make it easier to breathe, which can help snorers and those who suffer from sleep apnea. Difficulty breathing can cause you to snap awake repeatedly through the night, leading to fatigue.

Makes Getting in and Out Easy

Are you getting older or experiencing medical issues or injuries that make mobility more difficult? An adjustable mattress frame makes getting in and out of bed easier. Adjust the frame so that the top part is higher. This allows you to come to a standing position more easily, preventing the possibility of falls and bad strains on your joints and muscles. This can aid caretakers who work with people who require help getting in and out of bed as well.

Enhances Relaxation and Recreation

We don’t always use our beds for sleeping. Sometimes we work and do other activities in them. Adjust the mattress base to allow yourself to sit up comfortably to watch television, review work, read, and more. An adjustable base can also help turn a bed into a massage bench that supports restful positions. And resetting the bed’s configuration can aid in creating a more conducive position for breakfast in bed or any meal for a person recovering from illness or injury.

Those are just five benefits of using an adjustable mattress base. If you’re interested in changing up your sleeping habits for the better with an adjustable mattress base or want to buy mattresses on credit, contact us.