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5 Decorating Secrets All New Homeowners Should Know

A new home is a blank canvas for decoration and design. While this blank canvas excites some new homeowners, it overwhelms others. If you’re feeling more overwhelmed than excited, that’s okay. We’ve gathered five decorating secrets all new homeowners should know to help you confidently decorate your space.

Every Room Needs a Mirror

We typically think of mirrors as bathroom and bedroom decorations because we use them to reflect ourselves. However, every room needs a mirror so that it can reflect natural light and make the space feel bigger. Hang the mirror on a wall that runs perpendicular to windows. This way, it’ll reflect the light inside instead of bouncing it back outside. This also helps reflect the room, making it feel larger.

Hide Storage Options Everywhere

Your new home won’t stay pristine forever. Life happens and brings stuff, from shoes for new babies to books for going back to school. This extra stuff must go somewhere if you want to keep your new home organized.

Hidden storage is the best solution for home organization. Buy containers that can slide under your bed for extra organization in the bedroom. Swap the coffee table in your living room for a storage ottoman. Add baskets under your bathroom sink. Fit organizational items everywhere you can so that your rooms stay neat and clean.

You Can “Heighten” Ceilings Without Construction

New homeowners often compromised on a few features when they bought their properties. If you were hoping to buy a home with tall ceilings but couldn’t, you’re not out of luck. We have a hack for you. The right decorations can “heighten” your ceilings without construction work.

The right decorations for the job are curtains that are too big for your windows. Hang curtains roughly three inches above your windows. Make sure they’re long enough to touch the floor. This makes your walls look taller so that your ceiling appears higher.

Each Room Should Have Three Lighting Options

Decorate each room with three light options. One should be accent or decorative lighting to highlight art or architecture. Another should be task lighting so that you can see well for reading and other tasks. Lastly, the room needs ambient lighting for general illumination.

While natural light can function as ambient lighting, you should have another form of ambient light. Even when it’s dark at night or cloudy during the day, the room still needs general illumination.

Give Your Home a Consistent Theme

A home is a large space, but you want it to feel cohesive and comfortable. A consistent theme is the best way to make your home look great and feel cozy. Base it on your personal style so that you love every room. Start with your bedroom since that’s often the easiest place to fill with personal style. Go through your whole home after you finish your bedroom, and add decorations that reflect you.

All new homeowners should know these five decorating secrets to make their new house truly feel like home. If you need affordable bedroom furniture sets to complete the décor in your new home, Grand Furniture can help. Our sets come in various styles so that you can start the consistent theme in your bedroom as soon as you bring them home.