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5 Room Organization Options To Maximize Space and Style

Space isn’t always the final frontier. Sometimes the (limited) space you have is more than enough to realize your best interior decorating ideas. Read on to discover different ways to make the most of your studio apartment, small spare bedroom, and more. Here are five room organization options to maximize space and style.

Think Vertically

When you move furniture around, it’s easy to think of your place as a single plane. But the floor isn’t the only level of any room. Look up and see how much extra space you have between that floor and the ceiling. You don’t need a single large bookshelf taking up floor space. Add shelving to the walls and leave the area below them free and clear. Shelving can go anywhere, even above doorframes and entryways. Look at the ceiling as well and imagine what sort of receptacles and pieces can dangle from there.

Use Multipurpose Furniture

A bed doesn’t just have to be a bed, and a coffee table doesn’t just have to be a table. Make your furniture do double duty by buying pieces that offer two purposes. For instance, you could get a bed that has storage space below it or that converts into a sofa. A coffee table can contain a not-so-secret compartment to contain items that would otherwise take up space elsewhere, such as blankets, pillows, and books. Reducing clutter is the best way to bring out the possibilities of a space.

Revamp Closets

Closets may feel like a place to stow stuff and forget about it, but that doesn’t have to be the rule. Optimize closet space through better organization. Add slim hangers that take up less space, hang storage bins and the like from the closet rod, install shelving, and so forth. Don’t just use closets for linens and board games—think of what else you can take off the floor outside and store away for easy retrieval in there.

Beautify Storage

Storage isn’t just about boring boxes and shelves. Decorate your storage options and add storage pieces that have an artistic element. Fancifully painting and embellishing shelving and drawers catches the eye and adds aesthetic value. Baskets, colorful bins, and artful boxes can be both utilitarian and lovely.

Think Small

Who’s to say every piece of furniture needs to be big? You can scale down some pieces. In a bedroom, the bed can often take up most of the space. Choose a queen-sized bed rather than a king-sized one. Pick smaller end tables you can stack atop one another or store elsewhere when not in use. Place a slimmer or half-sized work desk in a space instead of a full-sized one.

Those are just five room organization options to maximize space and style. Still looking for ways to make the most of a smaller space? Contact us for a consultation! We offer everything, from home office furniture to affordable bedroom furniture sets. Call us today!