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5 Tips for Creating an Inviting Dining Room Space

Many of us enjoy open floor plans that blend living, dining, and kitchen spaces. However, many other homes and apartments still offer formal dining room spaces. The separation of a formal dining room can make the space feel stuffy and uninviting. However, this room is a part of your home, and you and your guests should feel comfortable enjoying this space. Therefore, we’ve collected five tips for creating an inviting dining room space to share with you below.

Create a Focal Point

A visual focal point will draw people in and immediately get them interested in the dining room space. Two favorite dining room focal point options are windows and artwork. Large windows immediately draw the eye since they produce so much natural light. And wall art, especially large or colorful pieces, immediately draws the eye with its size or color. Accentuate your windows or find new wall art to create these focal points.

Offer Three Lighting Options

All rooms need three types of lighting: ambient, accent, and task. However, we often only put ambient lighting in the dining room so everyone can see to eat. Adding other lighting options can change how the room looks and functions, making it more inviting.

For example, accent lighting often highlights an accent in the room or adds other types of visual interest, like candles. Likewise, task lighting makes it easier to perform focused tasks like reading. Although most people won’t read in your dining room, adding at least one task light to make the space multipurpose is a good idea.

Use Textiles Wisely

Your dining room’s textures can change how it feels. If you want to make a room feel inviting, you should use soft-textured textiles. A soft rug under the dining table is a great way to start. Next, put light or warm-colored curtains over the windows and secure them back so natural light can enter the room. Lastly, accessorize with soft textiles like cotton napkins and a tablecloth or runner with a fun print.

Buy a Dining Set

A cohesive space is more inviting than a mismatched one. A dining set with matching tables and chairs creates immediate visual cohesion. Try to find a set with comfortable upholstered chairs so people can take their time eating and talking.

Don’t Forget To Hang Up a Mirror

You should hang a mirror in every room, including your dining room. Hang the mirror on an adjoining wall to the window so the mirror can best reflect natural light. However, hang it high enough or angle it so people won’t see their reflections while they eat. Small or decorative mirrors will help you avoid reflecting guests while still reflecting natural light.

Creating an inviting dining room space can feel challenging, but we hope these five tips get you started on the right foot. We also offer buy-now-pay-later dining sets for those who want to start on the right foot but worry they can’t afford it. Grand Furniture is also here to help you with various other financing options as you create the dining room of your dreams!