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5 Tips for Maximizing Space When Furnishing Your Home

A small home is affordable and cozy, but furnishing one can feel impossible. Where are you supposed to put everything? What furniture can you buy that won’t overwhelm the space? Keep reading to get some tips for maximizing your space while furnishing your home so that you can create the aesthetic you want without overwhelming your floor plan.

Focus on Clean Lines

Maximizing space isn’t about magically creating more square footage. It’s about lessening the visual impact of an area so that it looks bigger and arranging furniture and decorations in a way that helps a small room function like a bigger one. Clean lines help create that look and feel. Focus on buying furniture that has straight lines and less cluttered designs.

Use Mirrors Wisely

Mirrors reflect light, which can help your space feel larger than it is. While some people restrict mirrors to bedrooms and bathrooms, using them wisely throughout your home will make it feel bigger overall. Add a mirror to a small entryway and even to a small kitchen to create this largening effect and bring more light into your space. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a horizontal or vertical mirror either—both will get the job done.

Make Storage Pretty

Every home needs storage, whether it’s just for you and a faithful pet or an army of children running around. Unfortunately, storing boxes of toys in the living room or hanging chunky sweaters on the back of your bedroom door doesn’t look great. Choose prettier, more aesthetically pleasing storage options, such as low wicker baskets that can slide under a couch and a hanging sweater organizer you can keep in your closet. This will help your home look less cluttered and keep your aesthetic in place.

Leave Hallways Clear

If you’re short on space, you probably want to fit your furniture and belongings everywhere you can, including the hallway. Many people try to squeeze an entire entryway into a small hallway if they don’t have a formal entryway, which leaves people with little space to walk. Although it seems counterintuitive, keep most furniture pieces out of your hallways. The crowding in these go-between spaces will make everything feel more jammed than it actually is and will leave you frustrated in the long run. If you need somewhere to sit to put on shoes or leave your car keys, consider a single stool instead of a bench. You can also get a wall-mounted key ring holder instead of a table with a bowl.

Think Vertically

As we mentioned above with the wall-mounted key ring holder, you should think vertically to maximize space when furnishing your home. The walls are already there and won’t change any time soon. Use them to your advantage with storage shelves that keep clutter up and away and blanket ladders that keep your quilts close but organized. Walls aren’t just for décor anymore; they’re also functional.

No home will ever have enough space for everything you think you need. Do your best to regularly declutter and prioritize the furniture you need over items you don’t. If you’re worried that you can’t afford all the furniture you need, turn to Grand Furniture. We have furniture you can pay monthly for that you’ll own, not rent. So you can bring home the furniture you want without breaking the bank.