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5 Ways To Design and Finance a More Inviting Dining Space

People often call the kitchens and dining spaces the heart of the home since they’re the primary spots where people gather. No matter how you spend your time, they should be inviting for everyone involved. Those who live in the home should love eating there, and guests should always feel welcome and comfortable. If you’re unsure whether your dining space functions this way and don’t know if you can afford the changes to make it better, don’t worry. Just keep reading to learn five ways to design and finance a more inviting dining space.

Make It Warm

Making a space warm doesn’t mean raising the temperature. It means bringing in light and neutral colors that make your space comfortable and inviting. Light colors can come from any part of the color wheel, but blues and greens are popular since they frequently occur in nature, which is calming. Light pink and yellow act as colored neutrals, so if you want a paint color that can straddle the line between warm and neutral, either is a great choice. Beiges and browns are true neutrals that are natural and come in warm tones.

Choose Comfortable Chairs

You can follow some basic rules to help make the seating comfortable and inviting. Pick cushioned chairs that allow people to relax and enjoy themselves. Measure out about 24 inches between table settings so that everyone has enough elbow room. And don’t be afraid to mix and match seating choices so that people with different preferences can still find a comfortable spot.

Keep It Cozy

The rugs, upholstery, and table runners you use in your dining space can either make your space cozy or cold. Choose a rug in a soft material that doesn’t easily pile so that your area can be comfortable but easy to clean. For the upholstery on your chairs, choose a subtle pattern in a warm neutral tone that complements the other colors in the room. If you want to use a table runner, you can select one that goes with the colors in your dining area and your dishes for a cohesive look.

Look at Lighting

Your lighting choice can also change your dining space from inviting to repelling. If you’re choosing a new light fixture for the center of the room, pick a fixture that gently points the light downward. If the light is too harsh when pointed at the table, it can create a glare off dishware and make people uncomfortable. But if the light is dim or scattered around the room, people won’t be able to see well. For additional ambience, add soft lighting in other parts of the room, such as a small table lamp on a China cabinet or a standing lamp in a corner.

Pick Out Personal Touches

Adding personal touches helps people feel relaxed and at home. A display cabinet that can house souvenirs, collections, and family heirlooms makes for a great conversation starter and great storage piece. Putting up framed family photos or a well-placed pinboard of photos is another way to add a personal touch to your dining space.

These are five ways to design and finance a more inviting dining space so that you and your guests will be comfortable. Find dining sets on finance here at Grand Furniture to stay within your budget. We offer full sets and separate tables and chairs so that you can choose the exact pieces you want to make your dining space inviting on a budget.