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5 Ways To Finance Your New Living Room Furniture

If you’ve moved recently or want to upgrade spaces throughout your home, you’ve probably looked into buying new furniture. Furnishing a home, or even a single room, can get expensive. Many people worry that they can’t afford certain items, even if those items are necessities. We don’t want you to worry about affording the pieces you need, especially for your living space, so here are five ways to finance your new living room furniture.

Pay With Cash

For those who have had time to save up for new pieces, paying with cash is the best way to finance their furniture because it’s not really financing. By paying with cash that you’ve saved, you don’t have to worry about monthly payments and can immediately bring home all the pieces that you’ve saved up for. The only problem with paying with cash is that if prices change between when you started saving and when you’re ready to purchase, then you have to continue to save up more.

Personal Credit Cards

Some people prefer to finance furniture themselves by paying with a credit card that they then pay off. That way, they can get everything they need with one purchase and make payments on a card they already have. While this is a viable option, especially for those with good credit, most credit cards have limits. If you’ve already used your credit card for other purchases throughout the month, a large purchase may put you over the limit, preventing you from getting all the pieces you need.

Store Financing

To help keep cash in your pocket and avoid the limits of credit cards, many stores offer their own financing, including Grand Furniture. This means that you can make a down payment and take home all the pieces that you need now while making regular payments to the store. Some financial experts believe that this option is bad for your credit, but if you make your payments on time, it can help you build your credit.


Some furniture stores offer a specific type of financing called lease-to-own. Although we don’t offer that here at Grand Furniture, it’s an option you should be aware of while you decide where you want to purchase your furniture. Lease-to-own agreements are like store financing in that you make an initial down payment on the furniture to take it home and start your lease. You then continue to make small payments until you pay off the entire amount, at which point you own the furniture.

Personal Loans

If you don’t want to pay off a credit card or the store, you can look into getting a personal loan. Many banks and financial institutions offer personal loans for large purchases, such as furniture. If you’re buying a new living room furniture set, this may be a good choice for you, especially since it allows for a co-signer. Although personal loan interest rates are often quite high, even with a co-signer, a co-signer can make a personal loan more affordable.

Paying with cash, a personal credit card, store financing, using lease-to-own, or getting a personal loan are the five ways to finance your new living room furniture. Grand Furniture is proud to offer living room furniture on credit so that you can make your living room a comfortable space without breaking the bank. We’re excited to see you in the store and discuss your options.