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7 Sofa Styles That Look Great in Any Home

When you think of important furniture pieces throughout your home, your sofa is probably at the top of the list. Sofas are the most functional pieces in a living room, as they provide comfortable spots where anyone can relax. Just because these pieces are functional, though, doesn’t mean they can’t also be stylish.

You can find many sofa styles on the market, from classic designs such as mid-century modern to trending oversized loveseats. The following seven sofa styles look great in any home, combining aesthetics and function for your space.

Classic Mid-Century Modern

As we said, mid-century modern is a classic design style. It’s trending right now as well since mid-century modern was popular up until the 1970s. These styles from the 1960s and ‘70s are coming back in style now, so you can place a mid-century modern sofa in your home to capitalize on the trend.

For those who are unfamiliar, mid-century modern furniture is sleek but comfortable. Sofa cushions are often thick, comfortable, and made of natural materials. You’ll see some minor tufting on the back cushions but no ornate details. The cushions are often tight back, not loose.

Comfortable Recliner

Recliners came about at the same time mid-century modern trends were ending, at the end of the 1960s. They became a fixture of the American home and have never left. Even today, most homes feature at least one reclining chair.

However, you can take the reclining style to the next level with a reclining sofa. Reclining sofas allow you to sit back and put your feet up, which is a big hit. Many reclining sofas mimic the Lawson style, but you can find them in other design styles as well and include them in any home.

Modern Lawson

While recliners mimic the Lawson style, the real thing looks even better. The Lawson features thick, almost overstuffed bottom and back cushions with rolled, low arms. The back cushions are often loose and have the same dimensions as the seat.

Modern Lawsons feature squared instead of rolled arms and tight backs instead of loose cushions. Lawsons are notoriously comfortable, which is why they’re so popular. You can find skirted and non-skirted options to fit your living room’s style, making them perfect for any home.

Non-Modular and Modular Sectionals

If you need more space than the Lawson sofa design can provide, you can try sectionals. Some sectionals are non-modular, meaning the sofa is one unit. Others are modular, meaning that individual cushions or sections can come apart for different configurations. No matter the option you choose, they usually come in either an L or U shape. Sometimes the ends of the L or U feature a chaise, but sometimes they don’t. Sectionals are a great seating option for larger households or people who like to host gatherings.

Modular is best if you need to reconfigure your space for any reason or if you like to change your layout often. Non-modular is best if you prefer a consistent layout. Luckily, both types of sectionals come in various design styles, often traditional or modern, so you can place them in any home.

Independent or Modular Chaise

A chaise sofa is essentially a long chair, similar to if you left a recliner chair fully reclined at all times. However, the design is sleeker than a perpetually reclined chair. Many chaises come in a traditional style, although you can find other styles, such as modern.

Many modern chaises are also modular and function as part of a modular sofa set. This means you can include them with your sofa if you prefer. However, if you want a separate chaise, you can purchase one. Just keep in mind that they may have only one arm, or they may have no arms.

Oversized Loveseat

Modular furniture is too big for many spaces. However, you can still have a comfortable place to sit if you choose an oversized loveseat. Oversized furniture is popular right now since the stuffed cushions are so thick and cozy to sit on. Loveseats offer seating for two, which is the perfect size for smaller spaces.

Oversized loveseats can come in various designs, although they’re often similar to the Lawson we described earlier. However, you can find other styles as well, such as traditional or modern. Sleek designs such as mid-century modern or contemporary often don’t come in oversized varieties, but you can find loveseats in this style if you prefer.

Convertible Sleeper Sofa

Lastly, if you really want to save space in your home, you can consider getting a convertible sleeper sofa. Traditionally, a mattress folds out from within the sofa so that the bed doesn’t interfere with your chosen sofa or room style. However, many newer convertible sleeper sofas offer other ways to convert sofas into sleepers. For example, you may lower the back portion of the couch so that it’s flush with the bottom cushions, creating a mattress shape.

Convertible sleeper sofas come in various styles. Many are traditional and mimic the Lawson style, although with a tight back. However, you can find mid-century modern, luxurious leather, and modern sectional sleeper sofas as well. Pick the style you prefer with the mattress size you need.

The seven sofa styles we described above look great in any home, no matter your chosen design style. If you don’t have a single design style and prefer a more eclectic design, you have even more options to choose from. While this can feel overwhelming, you can narrow your choices by focusing on how you prefer the sofa to function. For example, if you need a convertible sleeper sofa for guests, you must choose between the available sleeper styles.

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