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Buyer’s Guide: The Dos and Don’ts of Furniture Financing

Furniture financing can seem a bit complicated and overwhelming at first, but not to worry! We are here to help. Whether this is your first time financing your furniture or you simply want to learn more about it, this guide will provide plenty of helpful information about the process and what to do. Without further ado, here is our buyer’s guide with the dos and don’ts of furniture financing.

Do: Choose a Reputable Business

When you want to finance your furniture, the first thing you need to do is choose a reputable business. The business you choose to finance your furniture should be a respectable and well-known company that you can trust. Here at Grand Furniture, our buyers trust us to provide quality furniture and excellent financing options, so we are a great place to buy furniture on credit.

Do: Find Furniture You Like

Before you consider any financing options, you need to find furniture that you like. Will it fit within your living room or home? Do you have a particular style in mind? Asking questions such as these will help you find furniture that fits your needs, sense of style, and preferences.

Do: Consider Multiple Financing Options

There are multiple financing options for you to consider at Grand Furniture. For example, we offer low and do down options, low monthly payments, and 40 percent off regular prices. To learn more about our financing options, visit our “Financing Options” page on our website. As you can imagine, there are a lot of different financing options available so that everyone can purchase the furniture they need on credit. So when you prepare to finance your furniture, consider multiple options.

Do: Read the Fine Print

Too often, people skip over the fine print when financing their furniture. Even though reading the fine print does take some time, it gives you a better understanding of the financing process and what to expect. Before you accept a financing offer, always read the fine print.

Do: Ask for More Information

If you feel a bit confused about the financing process or your options, ask for more information. You can visit our friendly sales associates in-store or give us a call at Grand Furniture to find out more about our furniture and available financing options. We’ll be able to provide additional information to help you understand our financing process.

Don’t: Finance With Just Anybody

Now that you know some of the dos, it’s time to talk about the don’ts. The first one on this list is don’t finance with just anybody. Too often, people finance with the first person or business that gives them an offer. In this instance, it’s best to find multiple, trustworthy financing options instead of financing with anybody who offers.

Don’t: Forget To Do Your Research

No one should finance without doing their research. A few things to look into and consider before you finance your furniture is the company you want to finance with, the financial options they offer, and the benefits of financing with a certain company. This research will ensure that you understand the process completely and that you receive the best financing for you.

Don’t: Avoid Speaking With Sales Associates

Sales associates have a ton of useful information that can help you understand and set up your furniture financing. They will explain the multiple financing options available and help you choose the best one for your needs and lifestyle. They can also assist you with finding the best furniture for your home if you’re not sure what to look for. So the next time you see one of our friendly sales associates, remember that we are here to help! If you aren’t able to come to one of our stores, you can also contact us via phone or email. We have a “Contact Form” on our website that you can fill out to save some time, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!

Don’t: Worry About Your Credit Score

At Grand Furniture, you can receive financing even with bad or no credit! Good credit, bad credit, or no credit does not matter to us at Grand Furniture. Many people hesitate to finance their furniture because they think it will have a negative effect on their credit score. However, that’s simply not true when you visit Grand Furniture. We can approve your furniture financing without affecting your credit score! If you hesitate to receive furniture financing because you worry about your credit score, come and talk with us at Grand Furniture. We’ll explain how our processes do not affect your credit score, and we’ll help you get approved for furniture financing today.

Don’t: Hesitate To Finance Your Furniture

And finally, the last point is don’t hesitate to finance your furniture. People often spend so much time worrying about the financing process that they hesitate to purchase the furniture or appliances that they need for their homes. When you visit Grand Furniture, we will not only help you with the financing process, but we can also help you find the right furniture for your home and your lifestyle. We offer living room, dining room, home accent, and entertainment furniture. Also, we offer mattresses and quality appliances for your home. So don’t wait to contact us at Grand Furniture. You can stop by one of our stores, give us a call, or visit our contact page today.

And that’s the end of our buyer’s guide with the dos and don’ts of furniture financing. To recap, the dos are to choose a reputable business, find furniture you like, consider multiple financing options, read the fine print, and ask for more information. The don’ts are to finance with just anybody, forget to do your research, avoid sales associates, worry about your credit score, and hesitate to finance your furniture. If you still have some questions about furniture financing, reach out to us at Grand Furniture or stop by one of our stores. We’ll be more than happy to help you finance the furniture you need and create your dream home today.