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Blog / Creating a Cozy and Inviting Entryway With Décor

Creating a Cozy and Inviting Entryway With Décor

Home trends have featured clean lines and cool neutral colors for the past two years. While there’s nothing wrong with this home style, some people don’t find it cozy and inviting. Spaces that are cozy and inviting often feature warm, saturated colors and soft textiles. You can use these elements to create a cozy and inviting entryway with the right décor or use them throughout your home for maximum comfort.

Paint the Walls Using Cozy, Saturated Colors

What are cozy colors? Cozy colors have a high saturation and often fall within the warm or neutral color categories. Many interior designers consider deep reds, oranges, and golden yellows cozy warm colors. Rich shades of brown and warm grays are also cozy colors. Use these colors to paint the walls of your entryway so people feel cozy and welcome as soon as they come inside.

Clear the Clutter With Closed Storage

While cozy colors welcome people in, chaos and clutter can make them want to leave. Keep your space inviting and clean with closed storage. Closed storage can come in many forms, from wooden boxes to woven baskets, but they all serve the same purpose. They keep your clutter clean and out of sight, so people want to spend time in your home. Use one container as a catch-all and redistribute clutter to the appropriate rooms when guests are gone if you don’t have the space for multiple containers.

Add Textiles Wherever Possible

Soft textiles are another cozy element for any room, including an entryway. Add textiles wherever possible around your space so people can literally feel how cozy it is. Place a rug in front of the door to keep your space clean and maintain a cozy appearance. Hang textured wall art and soft window coverings to bring cozy textures off the floor and around the space.

Offer a Comfortable Place To Sit

A comfortable place to sit is the finishing touch for creating a cozy and inviting entryway with décor. People will immediately feel welcome if they can comfortably sit down to remove shoes, greet a pet, or just relax. An upholstered bench or small loveseat is the perfect way to provide seating and continue the cozy textures we mentioned above. Add some cozy colors, such as red throw pillows on a warm charcoal loveseat, and you’ll tie your whole entryway together.

Embrace the cozy vibe with the right décor for your entryway and entire home. Grand Furniture can help if you worry you can’t afford the right pieces. We are a furniture store with no interest financing, so you can finance the pieces you love and bring them home. You’ll get to enjoy your cozy home while paying off your furniture at an affordable price.