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Creating the Ultimate Living Room for Entertaining

Living is the first part of the word living room, and that should be the main reason for its existence in your home. Some folks may prefer to keep their living rooms protected from any sort of activity that could lead to dirt, spills, or other damage. But a living room can be a special and beautiful place without making it, well, lifeless. Use our guide to creating the ultimate living room for entertaining.           

Comfy Seating

People need a place to sit, and when they sit, they want to be comfortable. Simple, right? Keep it in mind when you pick the seating for your living room. A big, comfy couch is ideal for big gatherings. Add some cozy chairs on the sides for added relaxation space. Choose upholstery that’s easy to clean in case the celebration leads to mishaps. Also, while most people know not to get too rowdy in the living room, it’s best to choose affordable living room furniture that’s durable and well-made. The goal is to find pieces that will last even after many years of parties.

Light It Up!

Lighting is so important for setting a mood. If you’re planning a quiet and serious night of discussion, conversation, and reflection, low lighting can set the scene. Likewise, brighter overhead lighting and table and floor lamps can help raise and maintain the energy at a more festive gathering. Mix different wattages and employ visually pleasing or somber lampshades to create the proper mood. Dimmer switches and timers can also add or subtract the amount of lighting in your living room as the day or night rolls on. And don’t neglect the effect of colored bulbs on the party’s ambience!

Keep It Clean

Never neglect the importance of keeping a space clean. Looking cozy and lived-in doesn’t have to mean sloppy and cluttered. In fact, declutter! Take stock of your furniture and decorations and decide if it’s time for some things to go. Donate, throw away, or sell what doesn’t please you anymore and either replace it with better furnishings or leave it gone to provide a greater feeling of space and airiness in the area, and it makes it easier to maneuver as well. Naturally, keeping your living room clean and tidy makes it a pleasant place to be in general, so stay on top of any messes. If people see the remainders of a previous party left behind, they may not feel as comfortable.

Let It Flow

Can people get up and easily move around your living room? If not, consider the flow in the room. Arrange your furnishings so that people can walk from place to place without bumping into one another or into the furniture itself. Consider how you’ll be able to bring and set up food and drinks in the living room without inconveniencing your guests or yourself. When buying furniture, reconsider a large piece of furniture that might be too large for the space. Besides the seating, leave room for mingling areas where guests can stand, drink, and gab. In short, eliminate the possibility of a maze of furniture and people forming every time you entertain.

Belly up to the Bar

If it’s within your budget, arrange for a bar or buffet area. Having a wet or dry bar may seem a bit retro, but it has always helped homeowners show a degree of sophistication, elegance, and love of entertaining visitors. It doesn’t even have to be an alcohol-based bar. As long as there’s a long flat table or bureau with space for storage, it can serve as a space where guests can flock, equip themselves with food and drink, and hang out. Equip it with drinkware, beverages, a small refrigeration unit, a place for ice, and whatever tools and serving ware your guests need to feel welcome. If a large piece of furniture won’t do, a smaller and nimbler bar cart will suffice.

Create a Focal Point for the Room

Sometimes, guests don’t want to spend the entire time staring at one another. Create a cozy and reflective focal point where they can rest their eyes between food, drink, and conversation. If it’s within your means, a fireplace will do nicely. If you can’t have one built into the wall, there are smaller units that can divert smoke and gases outside while keeping the heat indoors. Other focal points include conversation-starting paintings, sculptures, and other visually interesting artistic elements. A nicely appointed coffee table decorated with knickknacks and potted plants can also do the trick. In fact, don’t neglect the visual appeal of plants around the room. They can add color, beauty, fresh air, and a touch of literal life to the party.

Multi-Functional Furniture

There are times when you want your living room to be a party room, but other times, you need it to be a singularly quiet place. When the guests go home, make it easy to convert your living room into a study with multi-functional furniture that can go from offering party seating to a snugger arrangement. Sectional sofas are perfect for this purpose, as are ottomans and end tables that can slide under one another. Make sure they’re easy to move around so that you can take apart and put together your party space with ease. Remember to find furniture that offers storage space, which makes it even easier to clean and organize after the guests leave.

Safe Surfaces

Make sure there are multiple places for guests to rest their drinks and plates. As mentioned, a coffee table is always an excellent addition to any living room, as are end tables. High tables and similar furnishings provide plenty of surface near the sides of the room. Think of how you’ll clean up later as well, providing places for guests to discreetly discard bottles and plates for later disposal.

That’s our guide for creating the ultimate living room for entertaining. If you have any questions about outfitting your living room for your next party, festival, or shindig, contact us for a consultation. We provide an assortment of furniture and furnishings for any and every room in the house. Call us today. We look forward to hearing from you!