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Essential Furniture Pieces for Every Bedroom

Your whole home is an escape from the outside world, especially your bedroom. Since it is your custom oasis, it probably looks different than other people’s bedrooms. However, there are some essential furniture pieces everyone needs in their bedrooms for them to function at their best and truly provide feelings of paradise.

Bed: Bed Frame and Mattress

Most people know that a bed is a necessary part of their bedroom. After all, the word “bed” is in the name. You’ll need a bedframe and mattress for ultimate sleeping comfort. Measure your room to decide what size bed frame and mattress can fit. Make sure to also measure the doorways, hallways, and corners, so you know whether your desired mattress size can complete its journey from delivery to your bedroom. Choose a bedframe that fits your new mattress and matches your aesthetic, as many bed frame styles help complete a master bedroom.

Storage: Nightstand and Dresser

Bedrooms also require storage. You’re starting and ending your day here, so you need proper storage for anything that helps you with those morning and evening routines. The best storage options are nightstands on either side of the bed and a dresser. You can store reading material, phone chargers, and other personal items in your nightstand’s drawer, so you can easily reach everything from your bed. Store your clothing items in your dresser, and buy organization systems for the drawers to store additional items, such as jewelry and other accessories. If you need more drawer storage space, you can invest in an extra chest of drawers.

Helpful Extras: Seating, Mirror, and Rug

Technically, all that we listed above are essential furniture pieces for every bedroom. However, if you want your room to function well and provide a peaceful oasis, there are additional essentials you should consider. Extra seating, such as a comfortable chair, is a thoughtful addition many enjoy. Placing a mirror somewhere in the room, such as on top of your dresser or along a wall, gives you extra space to get ready, which many find helpful. Lastly, if your bedroom has hardwood floors, putting a rug down can make the room more comfortable, especially when it’s cold outside.

Your bedroom needs a bedframe, mattress, nightstand, and dresser to meet its essential function, and it will feel even better if you include those helpful extras we listed above. If you’re looking for affordable bedroom furniture sets so all your essential pieces coordinate, Grand Furniture can help. Our bedroom sets and individual bedroom furniture pieces will help you turn any bedroom into a comfortable oasis.