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How Much Seating Does Your Living Room Need?

Furniture shopping is an overwhelming experience, especially if you’ve never done it before. You have to measure your space, pick out a style, and make sure everything looks great as you bring it into your living room and the other rooms in your house. In addition to choosing the size and styles of your living room furniture pieces, you also need to know how many seating options to have. While the size of your doorways and living room may limit how big the furniture pieces can be, you still need to offer enough seating so that your household members and guests can feel comfortable. Keep reading to learn how much seating your living room needs.

How Much Seating Do You Need?

Most living rooms offer enough seating options for four to five people to have somewhere to sit comfortably. If you live in a small apartment or home, your living space might not have enough space for this many seats, but you should try to fit this many if possible. Even if you live by yourself and think you only need a few spots to sit, having enough space for four or five people means you can entertain comfortably without needing to bring out uncomfortable folding chairs.

What Type of Seating Do You Need?

Now that you know you need four to five spots to sit in your living room, you can choose what type of seating you want to offer. Many people place a sofa and two chairs in their living room to give people multiple options to comfortably sit. However, depending on the size of your room and your furniture budget and needs, you may have to get more creative. A sofa, chair, and ottoman offer seating variety and storage. Two sofas offer more lounging possibilities. You may find it difficult to arrange four chairs in a room, but some people prefer chairs and make it work. The choice is yours, but a combination of a sofa and chairs is generally more comfortable and versatile.

How Should You Arrange Your Seating Options?

We mentioned above that a sofa and two chairs are the most comfortable and versatile seating options to fit four to five people in your living room. How you arrange this furniture is entirely up to you and will depend on how you want the room to function.

If you want your living room to focus on the people inside it and nurture conversation, then you should have the sofa and chairs face each other. If you mostly use your living room to watch TV or focus on another piece of entertainment, then you should arrange your furniture around that piece. Ensure that the sofa and chairs are easy to access even if they’re facing an entertainment area.

So how much seating does your living room need? Four to five seats comprised of a combination of a sofa and chairs is ideal. If you’re not sure you can afford all these furniture pieces, then peruse our living room furniture on credit here at Grand Furniture. We offer pieces you’ll love at prices you can afford.