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How the Right Furniture Can Help With Allergies

Allergies are an unfortunate fact of life for many people. While there are many ways to treat allergies, one of the best ways to mitigate symptoms is to avoid the allergens themselves. But this is difficult, especially when dust and pollen settle into furniture around our homes. Luckily, the right furniture can help with allergies.

Furnish Common Areas With Allergen-Proof Materials

Allergens can quickly build up in common areas such as living and dining rooms since these spaces often have outside doors and many people moving around. The best way to prevent this buildup is to furnish these rooms with allergen-proof materials such as leather and wood. Faux and real leather are solid, unlike upholstery, so dust and other allergens can’t sink into the fabric and cause problems. They’re also very easy to wipe down if dust or pollen settles on them.

You can match wooden furniture to your flooring for a clean, aesthetic look that has similar properties to leather furniture. There are no pores for allergens to sneak into, and wood is easy to wipe down. While you’ll probably want some type of cushion on the seat of your dining room chairs, try to choose predominantly wooden furniture.

Toss the Extra Fabric

As we mentioned above, many fabrics can absorb common allergens such as dust and pollen. This includes fabric objects such as throw pillows and carpets. If you have these items in communal spaces, such as the living room, or private spaces, such as the bedroom, try to eliminate them. If you’re desperate for a few soft decorative items, choose fabrics with a tight weave that are easy to vacuum so that you can eliminate allergen buildup as much as possible.

Clean the Clutter

Unfortunately, allergens don’t stick to fabrics alone. They also enjoy other nooks and crannies around your home, which are easy to find if you have a lot of clutter. Try to eliminate clutter that doesn’t contribute to the room’s function. While some clutter is nice, such as framed pictures and family mementos, try to limit how many items you place in a particular space. When there are fewer pieces of clutter with more space between them, it’s easier to dust and keep allergens under control.

Allergen-Proof Your Bedroom

Allergens love bedrooms since it is easy for them to stick to mattresses and bedding. Invest in an allergen-friendly mattress made from latex or hypoallergenic materials. If you’re worried you can’t afford a new mattress, Grand Furniture offers bedroom furniture on credit so that you can get the allergen-friendly furniture you need at a price you can afford. While shopping, avoid upholstered bedframes that also trap allergens. Cover your new mattress with an allergen-proof cover and wash your bedding every week to cut down on allergen buildup. Try to keep pets off the bed as well since their dandruff can also contribute to allergies.

Owning the right furniture can help with allergies all over your home. No matter what type of allergen-friendly furniture you need, Grand Furniture can help you find it at an affordable price.