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How To Choose a Décor Style for Your Bedroom

When it comes time to decorate or redecorate your bedroom, take a moment to think about what you want to accomplish. Don’t just buy a few typical sticks of furniture for the space without thinking about how it’ll all work together. A bedroom should be more than just a place to sleep. It should express your personality while working well with the rest of the house’s furniture. Here’s how to choose a décor style for your bedroom. Keep these things in mind while you shop to pull together a bedroom that’s both tasteful and restful.

Consider Your Bedroom’s Personality

Your bedroom should be two things: comfortable and personal. We’ll discuss the comfort factor later in this article, but let’s start with the personal. You probably already have a sense of style you prefer. Perhaps you like a more modern look, or maybe cottagecore is more your (slow) speed. Look at the rest of your home and see where your tastes lie. You may not even be aware of your personal aesthetic until you take a good look at what you’ve already purchased and placed in your home. If things are a bit eclectic, find your favorite pieces and work from there to find your style.

Look for Inspiration

Once upon a time, redesigning your home required you to hire a consultant. You can still do that, of course, but it’s not always financially feasible. However, there are interior decorating magazines and a plethora of places on the internet where people can save and share ideas (Pinterest and Instagram are good places to stop by). So you can find plenty of great online places to search for decorating ideas. Collect bedroom images on a physical or digital idea board to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Let Form Follow Function

It’s smart to pay attention to style when designing your bedroom, but don’t forget that it’s a place with a purpose as well. Namely, it’s where you’ll sleep and dream. But think of your other activities and aspirations in life, and imagine a room that accommodates them. A comfy bed that provides plenty of warmth and support is important, but what else will you use your bedroom for? A reading nook is a good idea, as is a desk and chair where you can write, keep a journal, create art, or what have you. Pick pieces that work well together and help you accomplish your goals.

Keep It Subtle and Simple

Even if you have a bubbly and vivacious personality, consider whether you want to perpetuate that personality in your bedroom. Your bedroom should generally be a calming space. That doesn’t mean boring, of course. However, loud colors and patterns, an overabundance of decorations, and excessive lighting can make it a space where it’s hard to relax. Stick with mostly subtle colors in your paint scheme. You can have a brighter color, such as yellow or red, here and there. But look for a tone and shade that doesn’t assault the senses for most of the hues you pick. Having a neutral background is also good when it comes time to select the furnishings. Think of it as a blank canvas against which you can truly express yourself.

Find a Feeling

Decide what sort of feeling your bedroom should have. This can mean actual expressed emotions or a sense of texture. Fabrics bring visual as well as tactile textures to a space. Choose fabrics that both look and feel good to you. Shaggy carpets can convey whimsy. Wool brings warmth and well-being on a cold night. A plush rug can comfort your feet as well as your eyes. Balance textures, and don’t let one overwhelm the others. Avoid monotony, but also keep away from visual and tactile overload.

Think About Furniture Positioning

When picking pieces of furniture, be sure they work and play well together. Naturally, sharing similar materials, colors, and the like is one way to ensure they have a visual flow. But remember to keep traffic patterns in mind. Is there enough room between the bed and bureau for you to avoid bruised shins and stubbed toes? Are your desk and chairs obstacles on the way to the closet? Measure your bedroom and look at the dimensions of different pieces so that you can move around your room easily when it’s all set up.

Light Up Your Life

Lighting is very important in a bedroom. That includes natural and electrical lighting. If you’re the sort of person who likes to wake up with the rising sun, pick curtains that are opaque enough to provide privacy while letting the sunshine in when the morning comes. If you prefer a dark and cave-like space to sleep in, get blackout curtains that allow you to block or let in the sun as you like. As for electric lighting, set up a lamp on a nightstand for nighttime reading. You can also add a couple of strategically placed floor lamps in the opposite corners. Dimmer switches and low-level wattages can keep things nicely lit but not harsh.

Personalize and Prettify

Personalizing the bedroom is easy enough after you pick and install all the main pieces. It’s a good idea not to clutter up the walls and ceiling with extraneous decorations. Select some carefully curated posters, prints, and photographs that bring you joy and remind you of friends and loved ones and your favorite things. Plants are another way to bring some color and fresh air to any room. Pick plants that are low-maintenance and require less sunlight, and look for ones that bloom for that added pop of color throughout the year. Don’t shy away from plastic plants if you fear you don’t have a green thumb. Getting an aquarium is another way to create a restful ambience while adding literal life to your bedroom.

Those are the basics on how to choose a décor style for your bedroom. Keep them in mind to swiftly find your footing. If you need help or are looking for an affordable way to decorate, we offer the ability to pay monthly installments on bedroom furniture. Contact us today for more ideas and to set up a consultation about your bedroom furniture tastes and needs! We look forward to hearing from you!