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How To Choose the Right Mattress for Your Sleep Needs

Good furniture is an investment. Nowhere is that truer than in the bedroom, especially with your mattress. A good mattress should last around a decade, giving you comfortable sleep for a long time. However, you must choose the right mattress for your sleep needs to achieve that comfortable sleep.

Your sleep needs mainly revolve around your health and habits. Everything from allergies to bed sharing is important to consider as you look for the right mattress. We provide some questions below so you can reflect on every factor that affects your sleep. After reflection, you’ll have a better idea of what mattress you need.

Are You Allergic to Any Materials?

Most mattresses consist of materials designed to give you a great sleeping experience. However, you won’t have a great sleeping experience if you’re allergic to one of the mattress’s materials. The first step in choosing the right mattress is eliminating any mattresses made from materials you’re allergic to. Latex is one such allergen. Take into consideration other materials you may be allergic to or cause you to worry about exasperating your allergies.

What Position Do You Sleep In?

In addition to allergies, your sleep needs also include your sleeping position. Sleep scientists break sleeping positions down into four categories: side, back, stomach, and combination.

Your shoulders and hips bear most of your body’s pressure when sleeping on your side. You will need a mattress that cushions these pressure points while keeping your spine in alignment. Most of the time, this means a medium-soft to medium-firm mattress.

The body bears the most pressure in the lower back when you sleep on your back. Back sleepers need a mattress that supports the upper back while cushioning this pressure point. Most of the time, this means a medium-firm to firm mattress.

Stomach sleepers also put pressure on their lower backs, specifically in the lumbar section of their spine. Like back sleepers, you’ll need something soft enough to cushion this pressure point while firm enough that you can breathe easily through the night. Most of the time, this means a firm mattress.

Combination sleepers experience sleep in at least two of the positions we describe above. Your pressure points fluctuate with your sleep positions, so you don’t want anything too soft or too firm. Most of the time, this means medium soft. However, a firm mattress is best if you know that you flip solely between your back and stomach.

How Much Do You Weigh?

We know that discussing weight is a sensitive topic. However, you need to know your body type and consider it when mattress shopping. You must also consider the weight and body type of your partner if you share a mattress.

A good rule of thumb is people with lower body weights experience more pressure points. Hard parts of their body, such as their shoulders and hips, are touching the mattress more because of their lightweight. You should consider a softer mattress if you’re one of these people.

Your whole body needs more support to stay in alignment if you have a higher body weight. A hybrid mattress that combines the strength of an innerspring with the cushion of a pillowtop often provides the most comfortable sleep.

Do You Wake Up in Pain?

Regardless of sleeping position or weight, many wake up in pain. The location of this pain can inform the firmness of your mattress choice.

Lower back and neck pain are often signs that your spine isn’t in proper alignment when you sleep. Your mattress is probably either too firm or too soft. Try to find something in the middle that will give you support while cushioning your pressure points. A good pillow can also help with neck pain.

Middle and upper back pain is rarer and often comes from a posture problem, not a sleeping problem. However, posture correction takes time, and you still deserve comfortable sleep. Try to find a soft mattress that relieves pressure on this painful pressure point. A good pillow can also help with upper back pain if it’s related to the neck.

Do You Notice Temperature Changes While You Sleep?

Sometimes sleep discomfort isn’t from pain but from uncomfortable temperature changes. You may not be sleeping on the right mattress if you notice that you frequently wake up shivering or sweating. You should consider your body temperature when you look for a new mattress.

You may want a memory foam, gel, or hybrid mattress if you notice you sleep cold. Memory foam and gel often absorb body heat, which can help you stay warm. Hybrid mattresses often have a memory foam top, which can help regulate your body temperature while you sleep.

You may want an innerspring or hybrid mattress if you sleep hot. Air can flow easily between the springs of an innerspring mattress, which can help you cool off while you sleep. While a hybrid mattress will have a memory foam top, it has those same springs inside which can help regulate your body temperature.

Do You Have Breathing, Circulation, or Digestive Problems While You Sleep?

Our bodies may need more help than foam or springs to sleep comfortably. You may need an adjustable mattress and bedframe if you experience breathing, circulation, or digestive problems while you sleep. Raising your head while you sleep can improve breathing, circulation, and digestion so you sleep better. Raising your feet can also help with circulation.

How Many Sleep in Your Bed?

The last sleep need to consider before choosing the right mattress is about more than you. You must invest in a mattress that can accommodate everyone if other people share your bed, such as your partner, children, or pets. For example, some young children feel hot when they sleep as opposed to parents who feel cool. You should consider this when buying a mattress. The size of the mattress should also accommodate everyone, so consider a queen or king if your mattress is a communal sleeping zone.

You can find the best mattress for your needs as you reflect on your health and habits. However, what if that mattress is out of your price range? Grand Furniture offers buy now pay later mattress financing, so you can bring the mattress you need home while you pay it off. Come into one of our stores today to discuss financing options.