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How To Pick the Right Chairs on Credit for Your Dining Table

Including a dining area in your home is a beautiful way to add elegance and comfort to your abode. There are many furniture options that can create a great mood for your dining space, from cozy dining sets to elegant formal dining tables. However, choosing and affording the best pieces for your dining area can be difficult, so keep reading to learn how to pick the right chairs on credit for your dining table.

Take the Right Measurements

Before you can pick the right chairs for your table, you need to take extensive measurements. Allowing for about 12 inches of space between the underside of the tabletop and the highest point of the seat cushion is a good rule of thumb. This will allow you and your guests to sit comfortably and reach the table easily. If your chairs have arms, then allow for about 7 inches of space between the tops of the arms and the underside of the table so that guests have enough space to relax.

You’ll also need to measure the height of the table. Most dining tables are 30 inches tall from the floor to the underside of the tabletop. Your chairs should be about half this height, and most dining chairs measure at 18 inches tall, which is ideal for people of various heights. For bar-height tables measuring around 40 inches tall, your chairs should allow for around 10 inches of space between the bottom of the tabletop and the top of the seat. If there’s a lip on the table, measure the distance from the top of the chair seat to the bottom of the table lip.

If you’re not sure how many seats can fit around you table, measure the tabletop. Most guests are comfortable if they’re about 25 inches apart, so space your chairs accordingly. While this is a good rule of thumb for everyday comfort, large gatherings could require more seating, so it’s a good idea to store extra seating somewhere easily accessible where the chairs won’t get damaged.

Decide on Upholstered vs. Finished Chairs

Dining chairs come in a variety of options, from cushioned upholstery to finished wood. Both options have pros and cons that you’ll need to weigh with your needs.

Upholstered Chairs

Upholstered chairs come in many styles that can match any kind of dining space. For instance, if you have a contemporary formal dining room, you can choose leather chairs with clean lines that will look perfect around your dining table. If you’d rather have a cushioned bench and matching chairs around a wooden table for a farmhouse breakfast nook, you’ll be able to find that as well.

Upholstery allows for great comfort and flexibility. However, depending on the type of upholstery you choose, your chairs may be difficult to clean. Certain weaves absorb spilled liquids quickly and may require intense scrubbing to restore, so you’ll need to consider how messy your dining space is before choosing chairs in certain materials.

Finished Chairs

Finished wooden chairs are much easier to clean, since all you need to do is wipe them down with a wet cloth. They also come in a variety of styles that will match your dining space; many are designed for rustic and farmhouse areas. However, some choices feature mixed wood finishes, with a different finish for the seat than the rest of the chair, which creates a unique look that can complement multiple styles. You might also choose wooden chairs with comfortable backs that will provide you and your guests with more support. However, keep in mind that without cushions on the bottom or back, finished wooden chairs might uncomfortable to sit in for extended lengths of time.

Mixing and Matching

If your dining area is part of an open floor plan, you may want to mix and match chairs in order to help the space flow. However, too much mixing and matching can make your dining space overwhelming to look at, so you have to strike the right balance.

Balance your dining area with the rest of your open floor plan by choosing unique elements in each space that complement each other. For instance, if all the throw pillows on your sofa are made of the same material, see if you can match the upholstery on your side dining chairs to that material. Then, for the chairs at the ends of the table, pick a color that coordinates with the color of this upholstery but that matches an element in your kitchen. This way, when people look through your open floor plan, their eyes will flow from the matching elements of the living and dining spaces to the matching elements of the dining and kitchen spaces. If your dining area is in the middle, this tactic can tie everything together.

Even if you don’t have an open floor plan, you can still mix and match your dining chairs for a more dynamic look. Choose one set of dining chairs for the sides of your table and a separate set of two for each end of the table to make your area interesting but not overwhelming. This is a great opportunity to provide different materials and shapes for extra comfort.

If you have elderly family members or friends who prefer seats with cushioned backs and armrests, then you can choose chairs with those elements for the ends of your table. It’s best to put these larger cushioned chairs at the ends of your table because there’s more space there, and you won’t have to worry about the people sitting on the sides of your table feeling squished between arm rests.

Now you know how to pick the right chairs on credit for your dining table by taking the proper measurements, choosing the right chair materials, and mixing and matching your chair choices. If you’re looking to purchase a dining table and chairs on credit so that can obtain the perfect furniture on a budget, then you’ve come to the right place. Grand Furniture is happy to offer dining tables and chairs on credit so that you can take your favorite pieces home without breaking the bank.