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Blog / The 5 Most Popular Accent Chair Styles in 2023

The 5 Most Popular Accent Chair Styles in 2023

Many people love to redecorate their homes according to new styles and trends they fall in love with. The accent chair is a trend that many people love, but they don’t know how to incorporate it into their homes. An accent chair is any chair that stands out in a space, and it’s difficult to know what type of chair will stand out in your living room. The following five most popular accent chair styles in 2023 can help you decide what type of accent chair to use in your home.

Oversized Chairs

What do you want to do after a long day? Relax. While there are many ways you can help yourself relax, collapsing into an oversized chair is one of the most popular options. These oversized chairs make a statement with their size while offering you a comfy place to land. If you’re worried about certain materials, colors, or styles looking out of place in your living room, then this is your solution. Simply select an oversized chair in whatever material, color, or style you prefer. Now you have an accent chair.

Chairs Made From Natural Materials

Natural materials, such as rattan and leather, are showing up all over home designs, from living rooms to bathrooms. If you want to place an accent chair in your living room, choose a chair made from a natural material that complements the other furniture in your home. For example, if you already have a leather sofa, you could choose a woven leather chair. The obvious weave on the chair makes it stand out from your leather furniture, while the similar materials look beautiful together.

Mid-Century Chairs

Nothing ever really goes out of style, and mid-century chairs prove that. Mid-century chairs feature sleek lines in dark, practical colors. If you already have similar mid-century furniture pieces in your home, then these features won’t stand out in an accent chair. However, if you have another style in your home that complements mid-century decor, such as a modern farmhouse style, then this is a great choice for an accent chair. The darker colors will contrast with the lighter colors we see in most modern farmhouse palettes, but the sleek lines will help it fit in.

Comfortable Armchairs

You may think that a chair is a chair. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an armchair or a lounge chair. However, many people are embracing formal spaces again as they start entertaining after the global COVID-19 pandemic. If your home doesn’t have a formal living space, then a formal armchair will act as the perfect hosting accent. Choose a comfortable chair so that your guests feel welcome.

Colorful Chairs

Bright colors will always stand out in your home. If you want a chair in a specific style or material but still want it to act as a visual accent, pick a bright color. Select your bright color based on the room’s color palette so that it doesn’t look out of place. For example, if the sofa in your living room is gray with blue throw pillows, choose a blue chair for a visual accent.

Choose between these five most popular accent chair styles in 2023 to create a stunning visual effect in your living room. Don’t worry about the price. Grand Furniture offers affordable living room furniture so that you can get the pieces you want without breaking the bank.