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What Are the Benefits of an Adjustable Bed?

Looking for a new mattress often leaves shoppers overwhelmed. There are so many options on the market that it can feel impossible to choose the right one. One way to narrow down your options is to decide whether you want an adjustable bed. While adjustable beds often cost more than stagnant beds, they have many benefits for users. So, what are the benefits of an adjustable bed? Keep reading to find out.

Erase Pain

Unfortunately, physical pain is often part of life. Many people wake up in the morning with stiff necks, headaches, back pain, and tingling legs from various health conditions. While an adjustable bed isn’t something your doctor will prescribe for these problems, it can help. Adjustable beds allow you to raise and lower your upper body and legs so that you can find a position that eases neck and upper back pain and helps ease lower back strain, which can cause pain and problems with your legs.

Stop Snoring

Sharing a bed with someone who snores is uncomfortable, no matter how much you love them. While you can spend half the night kicking them awake so that they roll onto their side and stop snoring, there are easier ways for you both to get a good night’s sleep, such as using an adjustable bed. If you slightly incline the top of the bed so that your heads are a little higher when you sleep, you can stop snoring before it starts. Snoring comes from the tongue and soft tissues in the throat narrowing while someone sleeps, and an upright position helps keep them open.

Stay Independent

After an injury and as we age, we need more help doing basic daily tasks. One of the tasks that can sometimes require extra help is getting in and out of bed. While some people who’ve experienced injuries prefer to temporarily use a hospital bed, investing in an adjustable bed is much more comfortable. Older people will also find adjustable beds more comfortable on their aging bodies, and being able to raise their upper and lower bodies will make it easier to get in and out of bed.

Erasing pain, stopping snoring, and staying independent are some of the health, sleeping, and comfort benefits of an adjustable bed. If you want to tap into these benefits but are worried that an adjustable bed is out of your price range, we can help. Grand Furniture offers mattress financing with no credit, so you can get the mattress you need at a price you can afford, even if you’ve never financed something before. Come into our store now to speak with an associate and discuss your options.