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Blog / What Are the Best Mattresses for Dealing With Back Pain?

What Are the Best Mattresses for Dealing With Back Pain?

Many people of all ages struggle with back pain. This pain can haunt us, especially when we lie down to sleep. Our mattress can help alleviate this pain and make sleeping easier. Discover the best mattresses for dealing with back pain below.

Memory Foam Cradles Your Body

Memory foam mattresses are a favorite among many who struggle with back pain. The soft cushion helps cradle your body and conforms to your sleep position. Therefore, no matter how you toss and turn, your back will have the support it needs. It also provides motion isolation so you won’t wake your partner.

Unfortunately, memory foam also retains heat. If you’re already a hot sleeper, you may need to reconsider this mattress type.

Latex Evenly Distributes Your Weight

Latex is a natural material that will keep you cooler than memory foam. It’s also naturally soft, relieving pressure points while supporting your body. This material evenly distributes your weight, making its full-body support highly effective.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the perfect mattress either. Since latex is all-natural, it’s often more expensive than other mattress types. Shoppers trying to stick to a strict budget may need to reconsider this mattress unless the store offers financing options.

Hybrids Provide Structured Softness

Hybrid mattresses, which are often a combination of innerspring with a memory foam topper, are another great option for relieving back pain. The spring interior offers a firm structure that can support aching backs. The soft memory foam topper cushions pressure points, making it ideal for side sleepers.

Like memory foam and latex mattresses, this mattress type isn’t perfect. The firm springs don’t provide much motion isolation, which makes sharing a bed difficult.

Anyone who struggles with back pain knows how painful this condition is. Now you know what the best mattresses are for dealing with back pain, you can shop for appropriate relief. If you worry that a comfortable mattress is out of your price range, Grand Furniture can help. We offer mattress financing with no credit, so even people without credit can take home the pain-relieving mattress they need.