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What To Look For When Buying Side Tables for Your Home

You’ve bought the perfect couch or chairs for your living room, sitting room, study, bedroom, or what have you. But something is missing. It’s probably accent tables. Whether you need two for either side of a couch or just one as a convenient surface near your favorite chair, side tables add elegance and convenience to your room and lifestyle. Here’s what to look for when buying side tables for your home. It’s a simple process, but it’ll help you find the perfect tables for any room.

The Reason Why

One thing to keep in mind while searching for side tables is why you need them? Are they there to serve as surfaces for coasters and drinks? Will they display a lamp, a few knickknacks, and a photo? Or will they provide a little bit more storage? Or all three? Be sure you really need that table (or tables) as well. Too much furniture in a space can leave it looking cluttered. But truthfully, no room looks bad with a side table or two, and they’re so convenient.

An Appropriate Size

When looking for side tables, ensure you don’t return home with a bigger table than your room can handle. Measure the space first. Determine how much space you can spare and whether a larger or smaller table will suffice. If you’re going to the store, bring a tape measure along to measure the floor models. Otherwise, check the dimensions on the product description and buy accordingly. You don’t want a tiny table that can’t handle the job nor an overly large one that leads to stumbles and bruised shins. Measure twice, buy once.

A Nice Shape

There are more table shapes than round and square, though those tend to dominate. Figure out the most pleasant and harmonious shape for the surroundings. Round tables have a softer look, while rectangular ones give a more traditional and steady appearance. Their material also matters. Wood is a homier material, while metal gives a sleeker look.

A Fitting Style

Here’s the last of our suggestions on what to look for when buying side tables for your home. Side tables can reflect a rustic cabin aesthetic or a more modernistic look. Tables that use lighter materials and designs can give a room an airier feeling, while solid and chunky materials can provide more stability and solidity in a room’s appearance. It all depends on the look you’re going for. Just make sure it’s an aesthetic you’ll appreciate for a long time!

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