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Why It's Worth It To Splurge on a Mattress

Whether furnishing a home for the first time or buying new furniture after a move, you need to know when to spend and when to save. If you spend too much, you might be unable to afford all the furniture you need. But if you save too much, you might not get furniture you enjoy.

The key to balancing splurging and saving is to ask yourself if the splurge is an investment. If you’re splurging just because you want to, then the extra money isn’t worth it. If you’re splurging because the extra money will increase your quality of life and buy you something that lasts longer, then the purchase is an investment. This is why it’s worth it to splurge on a mattress. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of spending more on a mattress and what to look for in a good mattress.

Splurging: You’ll Find More Options

More mattress options are available at a higher price point. If you can find it in your budget to splurge on your mattress, you’ll find more options than you’d find at a lower price point. Some people find this overwhelming, but once you learn the differences between all your options, then you can decide exactly what type of mattress to get.

The most popular mattresses at higher prices are memory foam, latex, and hybrid. You can find cheaper memory foam mattresses, but they’re often made of lower-quality foam. High-quality foam is more expensive but lasts longer. Latex and hybrid mattresses are found exclusively at higher price points because of their high-quality materials. We explain more about high-quality mattress materials further below.

Splurging: You’ll Sleep Better

As we mentioned above, splurging on furniture is often worth it if it’s an investment that increases your quality of life. A good mattress can greatly increase your quality of life because it will allow you to sleep better. Better sleep helps you stay physically and mentally healthy. For example, good-quality sleep decreases your risk for serious health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. It also helps relieve stress, which can improve mental clarity and overall mood.

Splurging: You’ll Save on Replacements

While splurging on a good mattress costs more money upfront, it can help save you money in the long run. Lower-quality mattresses that cost less tend to wear out faster than higher-quality mattresses. This means you have to replace them more often, which costs you more in the long run. For example, if you buy a cheap $500 mattress, you may need to replace it in five years, spending another $500. You then have to pay to remove the old mattress, deliver the new one, and cover taxes on the new mattress. However, if you buy a $1,000 mattress, you probably won’t have to replace it for at least 10 years without any removal, delivery, or tax fees. Plus, proper care of a high-quality mattress can help it last even longer, around 15 years.

Good Mattress: High-Quality Materials

We’ve discussed the benefits of splurging on a good mattress, but you need to know how to recognize a good mattress. The first sign of a good mattress is its high-quality materials. The most popular luxury mattresses are made of memory foam, latex, and hybrid materials, as we described above.

Memory Foam

To discern if a memory foam mattress is quality, you need to notice the mattress as well as the price. Anyone can mark up a price, but no one can fake a good memory foam mattress. Good memory foam mattresses have higher densities, between 4 and 6 pounds per square foot. This provides firmness, pressure-point relief, and motion control. They also contain higher-quality, natural materials, such as cotton or bamboo instead of petroleum products.


Latex mattresses are all natural, and you’ll need help from mattress tags to discern the real ones from the fake ones. A good latex mattress should be made from 100 percent pure latex, with a tag noting this. Many manufacturers and retailers hire third-party organizations to verify these materials and certify these all-natural, high-quality mattresses.


Hybrid mattresses are often a combination of memory foam, latex, and innerspring mattresses. A high-quality one will have a comfort layer of memory foam on top, measuring roughly 2 inches. Check the density to ensure quality. The coils within the mattress should have foam or fabric sleeves to reduce sound and motion transfer. Ask about these sleeves while shopping to confirm you’ve found a high-quality mattress.

Good Mattress: Additional Features

If you’re splurging on a good mattress, you probably want more than just a regular flat mattress. High-quality mattresses often come with additional features, such as adjustable head and feet controls. Adjustable mattresses are great for anyone since they allow you to customize your comfort throughout the lifetime of the mattress. However, there are some good mattresses that don’t provide this feature and some poor mattresses that do provide it. You’ll need to decide how much this feature matters to you and pay attention to the mattress itself, not just its adjustable options, to find the right option for you.

Good Mattress: Personal Preferences

You’ve looked at all your options, and now you have to pick a mattress. While you want to splurge on something good, remember that one of the common myths about mattress buying is that the most expensive is best. Though you should avoid cheap mattresses, you can definitely find a great mattress at a reasonable price.

Use your personal preferences to guide you through this process to help you find that perfect fit. Side, stomach, and back sleepers all need different types of mattresses. If you share your mattress with someone else, you need to consider that too. While the price matters, your personal satisfaction is the most important. Splurging on a good mattress is all about your comfort, so let that guide you.

Now you know why it’s worth it to splurge on a mattress and what a good, splurge-worthy mattress looks like. If you’re worried you can’t afford to spend a lot on a mattress, even though you want a good one, Grand Furniture can help. We offer mattress payment plans that allow you to get a good mattress without breaking the bank. You’ll get a great mattress at a price you can afford, pay it off, and then enjoy your luxurious sleeping arrangement for years to come.