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5 Reasons Why Your Furniture Should Have Slipcovers

Many of us can remember visiting an elderly family member’s home and seeing plastic slipcovers over their furniture. Sitting on and sticking to these slipcovers made those visits an uncomfortable experience, and many of us vowed never to do such a thing in our homes when we got older.

Now that we’re older and realize how expensive furniture is, many of us are reconsidering this earlier vow. Luckily, there are plenty of slipcover options besides plastic that can look and feel great in our homes. If you’re still unsure if your furniture should have slipcovers, keep reading to discover five reasons why you should consider using them.

Slipcovers Make Furniture Cleaning Easy

We have busy lives. Whether you’re managing a household full of children, trying to climb the corporate ladder, helping family members, or volunteering, you have a full schedule. When cleaning makes it onto that full schedule, it’s usually done as quickly as possible, only focusing on the biggest dirt culprits. While most furniture needs more than a quick wipe-down every few weeks, slipcovers do not. You can easily remove slipcovers and wash them while wiping down the virtually untouched furniture for fast, easy cleaning.

Slipcovers Are Easy To Replace

You’ve invested a lot of money into new furniture, whether you paid upfront in cash or are using this purchase to build credit. Replacing that furniture so soon after the purchase or before you’ve paid it off feels pointless, but many people consider it after buying other pieces they like that clash with their current furniture. Slipcovers are an easy solution. You can invest in slipcovers that complement your new pieces while covering your slightly older ones. Now everything in your living room looks nice together.

Slipcovers Help You Update Your Furniture

As we mentioned above, furniture purchases are an investment. However, this investment shouldn’t stop you from redesigning and updating your home. Instead of feeling pressure to spend more money on updating your furniture to match, you can buy slipcovers instead. They’ll fit easily over your furniture and give your room a fresh look at a much more affordable price.

Slipcovers Make Furniture More Comfortable

Some of us grew up with formal living rooms full of elegant furniture that no one wanted to use. While this furniture can look nice for special occasions, we need furniture that can work for everyday use too. Slipcovers can help convert those elegant pieces into something more casual that you feel more comfortable using regularly. Simply remove the slipcovers when you do want the formal look.

Slipcovers Protect Your Furniture

Lastly, the biggest reason why your furniture should have slipcovers is because slipcovers protect your furniture. They protect from both the seen and the unseen. Pets who like to dig at couch cushions, children who don’t think their hands are that dirty, and adults who think they’ll never spill their dark drink can all hurt your furniture. Unseen problems like UV rays from the sun can also come through your windows and slowly degrade your furniture over time. Slipcovers protect your furniture from all these types of damage.

Slipcovers are an excellent option for both old and new furniture. If you’re looking for new furniture but are unsure if you can afford it, Grand Furniture can help. We offer living room furniture on credit, so you can buy the furniture you want at a price you can afford. We don’t mind if you protect our pieces with slipcovers, either.