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5 Tips To Match Your Furniture With Your Flooring

All homes have different, beautiful features. One of the most popular home features is wood flooring. Wood flooring lasts a long time and gives homes a timeless elegance that many people love. However, when it comes to bringing furniture into a home with wood flooring, some worry about making everything match. What if wood furniture and wood flooring don’t match? How do you go about coordinating them? We have five easy tips to match your furniture with your flooring so you can shop for wooden furniture with confidence.

Study Mass Tones and Undertones

The best way to match wood, whether across floors, furniture, or other wooden items, is to study the mass tones and undertones. The mass tones are the obvious colors of the wood when you first look at it. The type of wood and its stain will affect the mass tones, and you can use the color to help you match furniture.

Undertones are the subtle coloring you can see when you closely study the wood. There are three categories of undertones: warm, neutral, and cool. Warm undertones come from yellow, orange, and red coloring. Neutral undertones come from beige coloring. Cool undertones come from gray coloring. Pay attention to the undertones when trying to match wood so you can create a cohesive look.

Match Grain Patterns

Another way to easily match wood is to find coordinating grain patterns. All wood has a grain and you can find similar wood grains in different wood products, including furniture and flooring. You can match open-grain wood, which has more prominent lines and large pores. Or you can match closed-grain wood with minimal lines and other markings, including pores.

Weigh the Room

As you seek to match your woods, you should weigh the room. All rooms have weight, and you want that weight to balance. For example, a room with light walls and floors would look overpowered if you placed a lot of large, dark pieces of furniture in it, even if the undertones and grains of the wood match. A room with dark walls and floors would similarly overpower lighter, smaller pieces of furniture, even if the undertones and wood grains are the same.

Remember Room Color

While considering your room and which wooden furniture would balance well within it, you also need to remember the color of the room. Wall colors and the colors of pieces already in the room, such as rugs, should contrast with your chosen wood. This prevents matching wood from visually blending at a distance. Rooms with darker wood floors and furniture should have lighter, neutral walls. Alternatively, rooms with lighter wood floors and furniture should have darker, brighter walls.

Consider Mixing and Matching

These tips to match wood furniture to your flooring will provide a beautiful, cohesive look. However, don’t panic if you can’t find matching furniture. Mixing dark and light wood can provide great contrast for your floors and furniture. You can even match some wood elements while mixing others, such as matching a grain across a mix of dark and light wood.

However you match wood elements across your home will look great since wood is beautiful and timeless. If you’re looking for specific wooden furniture, Grand Furniture can help you find the best pieces for the best price. Our buy now pay later dining sets come in various aesthetic options so you can find what you need at a price you can afford.