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5 Ways To Make Your Dining Room Classier

When picking the pieces for your dining room, remember to make it more than a place where people eat. A dining room should be for special occasions, outfitted with furniture and accoutrements that reflect good taste and elevated aesthetics. Here are five ways to make your dining room classier. Get ready to feel more royal during your next fine dining occasion!

Make Sure the Table Makes a Statement

The table is the centerpiece of any dining room, so pick one that communicates beauty and elegance. Wood always has a timeless and prestigious presence. Choosing a high-quality table that fits but doesn’t cramp or dominate the room is key. The shape should work well with the space too, so choose a round, oval, or rectangular tabletop wisely. Keep it simple. If the piece is too modern, it may age badly. Go with a classic design reminiscent of a state dinner or a royal function.

Add a Credenza

A dining room is more than a set of tables and chairs. Add a side piece for extra chicness and convenience. A credenza is a lovely sideboard that provides room for sides and main dishes, freeing up table space. A less cluttered tabletop just looks better. Most credenzas come with storage space below, so you can keep dishes, silverware, and other serving items handy during dinner and out of sight the rest of the time.

Improve the Look With Lights

Lighting is all-important for illuminating the proceedings. It also helps create and sustain a pleasant atmosphere. Add overhead lighting with a dimmer switch to set the stage for a well-lit and jovial event or more romantic candle-lit dining. Wall sconces can also set the scene and produce less glare than overhead lighting. Just make sure you have enough light to see when preparing and serving the food and drinks!

Get Reflective With Wall Mirrors

Like many a high-class restaurant, mirrors on the walls can add notes of glamor and sophistication. Mirrors can make a room seem bigger—almost infinitely so. They can also help spread and diffuse electric and candlelight. Ornamental elements along the sides of the mirrors spread old-world restaurant refinement as well.

Add a Rug

Area rugs provide several levels of use in any room. They’re aesthetically pleasing and feel comfortable below your feet. Furthermore, they frame the tables and chairs from below. From a practical perspective, rugs help protect the floor from scratches and marks and can catch and hide stains until the big cleanup after the guests go home. Pick a rug slightly larger than the table’s perimeter or one that reaches from corner to corner. Just make sure guests can pull out and push in their chairs with ease.

Those are just five ways to make your dining room classier. If you have questions about choosing the right pieces, contact us for a consultation. We offer a large selection of elegant and affordable furniture, and many of our dining room sets let you pay monthly.