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Choosing the Right Décor Accents for Your Living Room

If you’ve finished furnishing your living room but forgot to budget for a professional interior decorator (it’s happened to all of us), don’t despair. We can help with choosing the right décor accents for your living room. Here are a few ideas for bringing luster to your luxurious living space. With a few simple colors, accents, and other tactics, you can make your home look like it came out of a magazine.

Look Into the Light

Lighting is a simple way to make a space seem brighter, more sedate, bigger, smaller, and more. Choose lighting that conveys or carries over the mood you want to set with your furniture. To brighten a room while keeping a roomier feel, employ wall sconces, track lighting, chandeliers, and other lighting in the ceiling and walls. If you prefer a cozier feeling, use table and floor lamps to provide an intimate sense of comfort and quiet. You can naturally control the level of sunlight by installing curtains that are translucent or that serve to dim the effects of the sun.

Consider Color All Around

Color is, of course, key to giving a room its character. Lighter colors open up a space, while darker and richer ones create a greater sense of luxury. The best course of action is to paint the room before you buy and bring in your new furniture. In fact, knowing the color of a room can help you select the proper furniture since the tone and texture of furniture should reflect or complement the walls’ coloring. Beyond painting, look for throw pillows, rugs, vases, and other accents that pop out around the room to break up visual monotony.

Think About Tactility and Texture

Speaking of texture, the living room should be a comfortable place where you can talk, hang out, and basically live with your friends and family. A cool modernist look is perfectly fine, but a living room shouldn’t be too chilly. Look for upholstery hues and textures that invite people to sit down and stay for a while. Wool is a very warm and inviting fabric, and so is velvet. Leather costs more, but it offers decadent comfort and isn’t to hard to care for. Imagine what you want your living room to say through its texture.

Conquer Clutter

Here’s one more hint on choosing the right décor accents for your living room. Plain and simple always looks better than busy and cluttered. While there’s something to be said for eclectic and involved décor, limiting yourself to a few meaningful and eye-catching pieces on the walls, tables, and floors will go much further visually. Keep paintings and other images to a minimum or space them apart. Don’t fill bookcases and shelves with knickknacks. Finally, if a place looks too full, cull what doesn’t feel right. It’ll always look better and cleaner afterward!

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