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How a Comfortable Sleeping Space Can Improve Your Sleep

Bedrooms should be our sanctuary from the world, an oasis we go to for rest. Making that sleeping space comfortable is the key to creating a relaxing, restful oasis. And the more comfortable and relaxed we are in our bedrooms, the better we’ll sleep. Keep reading to learn more about how a comfortable sleeping space can improve your sleep.

Temperature and Noise

You won’t feel comfortable in your sleeping space if it’s too hot, cold, noisy, or quiet. To create the most comfortable sleeping space for the best sleep, you need to strike a balance of sleeping at the right temperature with the right noise level. Ideal sleep temperatures are between 60 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit. This range helps the body maintain a low core temperature, which should occur naturally in healthy adults when they sleep.

Ideal noise levels vary. Some people prefer complete silence, while others like ambient white noise. Ambient white noise can help cover loud sounds that may disturb sleep patterns, so it’s a good idea to have some kind of noisemaker, such as a sound machine or fan.

Light and Scent

The other important senses to consider when creating a comfortable sleeping space are your eyes and nose. Lighting can affect our circadian rhythm, and unpleasant odors can make it difficult to fall asleep. Avoid artificial blue light, such as from computer or smartphone screens, for at least an hour before bed and keep bedroom lighting dim when preparing to sleep to maintain a good circadian rhythm and achieve deep sleep.

You can add light scents to your bedroom to get rid of bad smells and assist in deep sleep. Lavender, chamomile, and peppermint can also help you relax and easily slip into a deep sleep state.

Mattress and Bedding

Temperature, noise, light, and scent can all work in your favor, but if your bed is uncomfortable, your sleep won’t improve. You need to find the right mattress for your sleeping position and body type and consider what kind of mattress you prefer. Try out different types of mattresses. Then, when you settle on one you like, you can start to consider your furniture and bedding.

Your bedframe should support your mattress’s size. Also, you should place nightstands where you can easily reach them during the night in case you need your phone or a drink. Buy pillows that support your head in a comfortable sleeping position. Additionally, find bedding that helps keep your body temperature comfortable.

Now you know how a comfortable sleeping space can improve your sleep by helping your body maintain the right temperature and regulate itself through the night with the appropriate noise, temperature, light, and scents. The right mattress, furniture, and bedding will also help you sleep better. If you need new furniture but worry you can’t afford it, Grand Furniture can help. We offer bedroom furniture on credit that will allow you to create the comfortable sleeping space you want at a price you can afford.