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How To Take Care of Furniture Upholstery

The living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. This is where you host loved ones when they come over and where you gather to relax with your family at the end of the day. While the popularity of this room is a good thing, the wear and tear it can cause to your furniture isn’t. Keep reading to get some tips on how to take care of furniture upholstery to ensure that your upholstered furniture lasts a long time.

Buy the Right Upholstery

Taking care of your upholstered furniture starts with buying the right kind. There are various kinds of upholstery, from leather to silk to cotton. Each of these kinds of upholstery has pros and cons based on design elements and the amount of care it requires. Some are better for certain lifestyles than others. Consider your lifestyle, such as the presence of young children and pets in your home, how much time you can dedicate to cleaning, and what furniture is already in your home. This will help you find the right upholstery for your home and your lifestyle.

For example, if you already have natural elements in your home and want something long-lasting and stain-resistant, consider leather. While leather can require some specific care to keep it in its best shape, it can withstand children and pets for years. In comparison, fabric upholstery with loose weaves and thick textures requires lots of cleaning because they trap dirt easily, so they aren’t a good choice if you have pets.

Arrange Furniture Away From Sunlight

Regardless of what type of upholstery you have, it’s best to keep it out of direct sunlight for long periods of time. Long-term sun exposure will fade your upholstery and can cause more extensive damage to specific types of upholstery, such as leather. The best way to avoid this exposure is to arrange the upholstered furniture in your living room away from direct sunlight. Since there’s abundant sunlight throughout the day, you probably can’t completely keep your furniture out of the sun. However, the longer you can keep your furniture out of the sun during the day, the longer it will last.

If your living room is especially sunny and you’re worried about excessive sunlight exposure, consider covering your windows instead of moving your furniture. Awnings, curtains, and shades are all excellent options for shading your window and keeping sunlight out of your living room. In addition to protecting your furniture, shading your room will keep the internal temperature lower, which is great during hotter months.

Treat Spills Immediately

Life is full of accidents, and one of the most common small accidents is spills. If you eat or drink in your living room, you run the risk of spilling something on your upholstered furniture. You can try to use trays and other protective elements that eliminate the risk of your food or drink from coming into contact with your furniture, but sometimes spills just happen.

When a spill occurs, treat it immediately. The treatment rules will change depending on what type of upholstery you have. However, some care instructions overlap. Always blot a stain instead of rubbing it, since rubbing causes the stain to penetrate deeper into the upholstery. If the spill is something dry, such as breadcrumbs, simply wipe it away. If a stain persists after the blotting or wiping, use a combination of water and an upholstery-safe cleaner. Different types of upholstery will require different kinds of cleaners, so learn what’s best for your upholstery choice and keep that cleaner on hand.

Clean Regularly

Even if you don’t spill anything on your furniture, you still need to clean it regularly. General wear and tear and dust buildup will slowly affect your furniture over time. Regular cleaning will help keep it in good shape for as long as reasonably possible.

Depending on the type of upholstery you have, cleaning will look different. You can vacuum most types of upholstery, but some will require additional work, such as using a soft-bristled brush or one of the cleaners we mentioned above. Create a cleaning schedule, so you know your upholstery gets cleaned once a week in whatever way is best for your furniture.

Flip the Cushions

Part of your cleaning routine should include flipping around any loose cushions on the back or bottom of your furniture. While some furniture pieces don’t have removable cushions, many do. When they do, this regular flipping will help keep them in good condition and create more even wear patterns, which helps prevent sagging.

To make sure your wear patterns are even across larger pieces of furniture, such as sofas, mix the cushions around. Few people sit in the middle of a sofa, which means it often doesn’t wear as evening. If the cushions on the side and middle of your sofa are identical, then mix them around when you flip them. This way, all your cushions are used regularly, wear evenly, and will keep their shape for longer.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

No matter how great you are at caring for your furniture, a professional can always do better. They have access to specific equipment and cleaning solutions that laypeople don’t have. Don’t let this information discourage you. Instead, prioritize scheduling a professional furniture cleaner once a year, no matter what shape your furniture is in. If you wait until your furniture is visibly dirty or starting to show wear, then their work isn’t as effective. Hire a professional service once a year to ensure your furniture stays in top condition.

When the professional cleaner arrives, talk to them. This is a great educational opportunity for you, so you can learn how to take care of your furniture upholstery like a professional in between their annual service.

Bringing new furniture into your home is exciting. Knowing how to properly care for that furniture so it lasts longer than the excitement is just as important. While each kind of upholstery will require specialized care, these general tips will keep your furniture looking beautiful for years to come.

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