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The Complete Guide to Furnishing Your Dining Room

Dining rooms are versatile spaces in many homes. Some people love their formal dining rooms and use them for special occasions. Other people are desperate for functional space they can use every day as they work from home, wrangle children, and manage a household. Your dining room can work for you no matter where you fall on this spectrum. With the right furniture, you can turn your dining room into any space you need. Keep reading our complete guide to furnishing your dining room so you know what questions to ask, how to measure, and the style options to consider.

Ask Yourself Pre-Purchase Questions

Before purchasing furniture, you need to ask yourself some important questions about your dining room. These questions will guide your decision-making process as you design the room and make purchases. Write down your answers to the following questions to keep yourself organized and focused as you figure out this versatile space.

What Is My Budget?

Starting with a budget isn’t nearly as fun as looking at design ideas. However, if you don’t set a budget, then you can get lost in a sea of furniture options. Evaluate your finances, and decide how much money you’re willing to spend on furnishings. You can furnish the room with bite-sized budgets or finish everything at once with a single expenditure. The choice will depend on your finances and how much time you dedicate to designing and shopping.

How Do I Want To Use This Space?

After setting a budget, you must consider how you will use this space. As we mentioned previously, you can use this versatile space however you see fit. The way you and your household use this space will determine the furniture you need.

If you want to create an elegant, formal dining room, then you’ll need to budget for a particular table and chairs. You might also consider purchasing a display cabinet for fine dinnerware and family heirlooms. If you want to use your dining room as a casual work from home space, then you’ll need a different type of table, comfortable chairs, and ample storage options.

How Many People Will Use This Room Daily and on Special Occasions?

The number of people you expect in this space on a daily basis, as well as for special occasions, will also determine what furniture you need and how much of it. For example, if the formal dining room we mentioned previously is your goal for this room, and you know you’ll host family gatherings on special occasions, then you’ll need a large table with lots of chairs. If you prefer that casual space where your immediate family can work, then you can add a small table with fewer chairs.

Take Measurements

Before you can start running with your budget and room plans, you must measure your dining room. Measurements can determine many furniture purchases and help you decide what works best in your dining room.

What Is the Size and Shape of the Room?

The most important measurements to take are the size of the room and the spaces immediately connected to the dining room. Measure the length and height of the walls and the dimensions of the doorway. How will you bring furniture through this doorway?

Measure entry doors and hallways, as well. You don’t want to fall in love with a piece of furniture that comes in one piece and can’t fit through your front door. As you assess these spaces, take note of their shapes. Some pieces of furniture will look better in certain rooms, such as a small circular table in a square dining room.

Is This a Multi-Functional Space?

If your dining space is part of an open or semi-open floor plan, then you need to consider how this area works within that space. Without walls or with few walls guiding your measurements, you’ll need to make imaginary division lines to break up the space. Measure from those imaginary distances. If you don’t take the floor plan into account, your furniture may look too big or too small for the allotted space.

Choose Design Elements

Budgets and measurements are the technical side of furnishing spaces. Design elements are the fun part. Now you can start using your imagination to fill your dining room with the furniture and décor of your dreams.

How Should People Feel in This Space?

As you continue designing your dining room, ask yourself how you want yourself and others to feel in the space. Do you want guests to feel awed by the room’s elegance? Do you want to feel motivated to work? Different types of furniture, wall colors, and décor will influence these feelings. For example, jewel-toned walls with ornate solid wooden furniture and golden décor will inspire awe. Alternatively, soft and warm colors with a minimalistic table and ergonomic chairs will create the productive motivation you need.

What Style Do I Want To Give This Space?

Another question to ask yourself as you imagine your ideal dining room is your preferred style. You can follow many popular home decorating styles and themes and make your desired style work within your home. For example, you can create an elegant coastal dining room with dark blue walls, sleek white wooden furniture, and golden nautical décor. While you might consider coastal themes as comfortable instead of elegant, you can think outside of the box and make your desired style come to life. An eclectic style could be overwhelming, but you can make it work appropriate with a statement bookcase, light shades of warm brown, and cushioned dining chairs.

Furnishing your dining room can feel challenging, but this complete guide can help you with each step toward completing this project. No matter what you want the room to look like, you can make your dream a reality. If you’re worried that a strict budget will stifle your dream, Grand Furniture can help. We provide dining sets on finance, so you can get the main furniture for your dining room at an affordable price. Our sets come in various styles and sizes, allowing you to make them work within your measurements and style preferences.