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Turning Your Living Room Into a Comfortable Home Theater

Nothing will replace the experience of seeing a movie on the big screen. But sometimes, the weather, traffic, or the simple fact that you’re exhausted puts a damper on the idea of going out to see the show. In those cases, consider bringing the theater to your home. Here are a few tips on turning your living room into a comfortable home theater. Save some popcorn for us!

Spread Out!

Begin by selecting furniture that allows you and your friends and family to spread out. Sectional sofas and large cushiony couches are ideal, as are a group of comfortable recliners facing the screen. Pick furniture you can easily reorganize for entertaining guests when you’re not screening films. We offer a selection of buy now pay later living room furniture so you can take your pick of comfy and cozy furnishings that serve double duty as places to sit and converse or to watch movies.

In the Dark?

Figure out the best way to keep things dim and dark in the room while watching movies. Blackout curtains on the windows can keep the sunlight and streetlights out of the room morning, noon, or night. Dimmer switches can maintain a level of light for moving around the room without interfering with what’s on screen. Consider setting up nightlights in the corners so if anyone has to get more snacks or make a pit stop, they can find their way without tripping.

Wired for Sound

While many modern TVs and AV systems provide great sound, setting up speakers around the room will certainly turn your living room into a comfortable home theater. Rig up a set of speakers in each corner of the ceiling for a full “Sensurround” experience, and don’t skimp on the bass! Also, think of your neighbors and install soundproofing that absorbs some noise.

Set Up a Snack Bar

While it’s nice to give everyone a bowl of popcorn and a drink, think of how much more fun it will be to have a snack bar nearby with a never-ending supply of hot buttered popcorn, candy, and other snacks! For extra fun, build a sundae bar with ice cream and all the toppings. A soda pop maker can add fizz to the proceedings, as well. Host a theme night with snacks appropriate to the film you’re showing, and use your printer to turn out personalized labels for the popcorn bags and soda bottles.