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When Is It Time To Update Your Dining Room Table?

Updating any piece of furniture in your home is an important and often difficult choice. Furniture is expensive, and finding the right piece to replace something you love is hard. This is especially true for dining room tables. Households and guests gather for formal and casual occasions around a dining room table. When it’s time to update it, you may feel like you’re saying goodbye to a family member, not just a piece of furniture. Eventually, however, all furniture requires updating, including your table. Keep reading to learn about the signs it’s time to need to update yours.

Your Furniture Breaks

A piece of furniture breaking is one of the most obvious signs that you need to update that piece of furniture. Even though this sign is obvious, it may be difficult to accept that you must now find something new. If the break was minimal, such as a decorative piece breaking off the leg of your table, you might consider holding onto the piece for a while longer. However, one break is normally a sign that the table is too old to do its job, so it may be in your best interest to start looking for an update.

Your Maintenance Doesn’t Help

Keeping wood furniture in good shape requires regular maintenance. If you follow the right schedule for maintenance and do everything in your power to care for your wooden dining room table, it will last a long time. That isn’t to say it will last forever, though. If you notice that your maintenance isn’t changing much about the appearance of your table and it continues to look worn, it’s probably time to replace it with a new table.

Your Household Changes

Sometimes, your table holds up, but your household doesn’t. Divorce, moving in with aging parents, and having kids are just a few examples of how much households can change. When a household changes, the common spaces must change as well to accommodate the loss or addition of new members. If half your table goes unused or you’re trying to squish new people around a tiny table, you may need to update that table, even if it’s in good condition.

Your Space Changes

The average American moves 11 times in their life. Some of the places you move to may feature a huge formal dining room, while others may barely provide an eat-in kitchen. When your space changes like this, you may have to sell or buy certain pieces of furniture, such as a dining room table. Consider the shape of the room when you buy new furniture for your new space. Square and circular tables look and function best in smaller rooms, while rectangular and ovular tables look and function best in bigger rooms.

It's hard to discern when it’s time to update your dining room table. The signs we listed above can help you recognize when you need something new. If you’re worried you don’t have the money for a new table, Grand Furniture can help. We offer dining room sets that you pay monthly so that you can take home the furniture you want now at a price you can afford.